Laughs and Rings

Apologies for falling off the side of the earth. It’s just that I’ve been extremely busy with life, work and what-nots. It seems that blogging requires a lot of commitment, cause when a lot of stuff are happening in your life lately, who has time to blog?!

But blog we still do, not for the people who read it, but also for ourselves who’d like to look back in months hence on their entries saying, “Ooooh, can’t believe I did that sh*t!”

Am almost about to sleep so let’s get on to it.

Last night, I attended at CAPT’s Comedy Binlang show at Cosmopolitan Grill. Because it’s a community show full of amateurs (7 to be exact), we really didn’t know what to expect.

Hey Raven, think it’s going to be funny?” a friend of mine inquired.

Hell, with 7 performers, one’s bound to make us laugh one way or the other…” I quipped.

And chuckled and laughed we did. And who else laughed along with us? Check out the raised hands of those in the full-house audience to see who’s agreed:

Heck, even some people had to sit on the sides because the place was full:

Lester Lin gave out a pretty strong opening bemoaning the fact how he was different in both the United States and Taiwan because he was an ABC. People in the States felt he was a laundryman, typical of many of Chinese’s occupancy those days, while Taiwanese chided him for his poor Mandarin.

35-year old Taurean, Dan Mitchell, then followed through by admitting he’s a half-Jew, and then shared with us whom he believes are Jewish Superheroes. I found Dan half-funny but maybe that’s because I’m a non-Jew myself.

That’s Dan being “Super Jew.” 🙂

ICRT Rick Monday’s bit fell a bit flat. It wasn’t a bit funny, but rather, it was interesting as he relates the life on how he got into radio.

Next up was Chris Wang — who totally rocked! He’s by far the funniest in the evening.

Introduced as Taiwan’s professional pimp and Ninja, Chris shared with us his curse — of being an ABC (American-Born Chinese), where he never seems to win. He loses the girls to the lao-wais (caucasian foreigners) while being picked on for his poor Chinese!

He even managed to sing a lovely tune and that clip should be in You Tube sooner or later. Trust me, it was HILARIOUS!

Dave Enterline talked about his weight issues, even citing that he’s been mistaken as a whale once or twice in his life, and showed us just how overweight he is in this picture:

You just gotta love a man who can comfortably laugh at himself. Dave in his act says, “My brother and I are so fat that you can chop off our head, and we’d look just alike.”

Meanwhile Sammi Su moaned her height which has kept her from being married:

She got loads of laughter especially from the Taiwanese crowd who can empathise with her woes, and got some of the loudest laughters in the evening.

And lastly was Reese Richards, who was NOT as sweet as the candies he’s named for, but is memorable and humorous nevertheless in spite of his offensive jokes:

As CAPT President Tina had said, “bad boys are sexy and Reese is the sexiest of them all.” Amen to that! And believe me, that’s Reese doing something pretty naughty to a regretful volunteer during the act. 🙂

Overall, it was a pretty successful show and well-attended by a good mix of local and foreign community. As they say, what’s the difference between a community show and plain standup comedy?

A stand-up comedian exaggerates to get some laughs,” Tina said. “A community show is a group of people sharing their experiences which just happen to be funny.”

Here’s the picture of the entire group thanks to CAPT:

From left to right, that’s Chris, Dave, Reese, Dan, Tina, Rick, Lester and Sammy. Great job you guys!

Anyway, my old Nokia 3210 croaked and managed to lose its ringing abilities. Hence, when people call me up, I couldn’t really hear anything save for the vibration. But after hearing that repairs cost NT$800, I said “F*ck it,” and just bought a new one myself.

I thought long and hard (maybe being a Libran had something to do with it) in deciding whether to get another Nokia or a Motorola, and finally decided on this baby instead:

The Motorola W220… in pink (See below)!

Why a Motorola?

Well, only because they look way snazzier than a plastic-looking Nokia. I’ve also salivated over flip-phones for a long time and had never had the chance to get it (figured even a Motorola can be gotten used to if you just give it a chance). Furthermore, it’s around NT$1,000 cheaper than the Nokia I was looking at!

The Motorola website has this to say about the W220:

The affordable new Motorola W220 delivers a fun fusion of entertainment and communication features to keep you connected. Listen to live music on your built-in FM radio, chat with a friend or download multimedia content. Motorola W220 is the complete mobile tool for everyday life.”

Hell, it’s pink but then again, it’s about time that my girlie side comes out again.

And I so far, don’t regret it! Heck, am a lot poorer these days but I do think that a phone that rings is quite essential. Besides, it looks like the snazzier RAZR without burning a whole in your pockets so am pretty happy with my purchase.

Anyway, I hope I have more time to update soon! Work has just been extremely busy and am usually exhausted by the time I get home, but would love to share my thoughts on friendship as well.

Gotta go! Nighty night!

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  1. Hi Raven,

    Good to see some Dutch people on your pics too!! Second pic from top, second from right was classmate of Rogier…



  2. Anne S.? Wow, the world is indeed small!!! 🙂 Great to see you’re checking in! How are things with you?

  3. ?! Anne S.

    Not sure if this reply was to me, but don´t know any Anne S….

    Anyway, time to chat…. see you on msn?


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