Top 10 Favorite Philippine-Based Sites For Children’s Christmas Gifts

Okay, I admit it.

I’m a shopaholic.

I love browsing through and, and since having a baby, I’m an active member of a handful of mommy blogs and shopping sites.

Consequently, I discover various shopping sites catered to price-conscious mommies like me. They sell a wide variety of items from baby’s clothes to toys and books at various price ranges.

And because it’s Christmas and it’s a season of giving, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite discoveries with you fellow mommies who live in the Philippines.

So here are my favorite list of places to buy stuff for my little one:

  1.  Mom and Milly Educational Toys Facebook Page (45,000 Facebook likes)

Mom and Milly.jpg


What do they sell: They mostly sell wooden toys, musical instruments, pounding toys, lacing toys, educational items and books at very good prices.

When I first discovered Mom and Milly, I went haywire. I LOVED the selections! There were tons of educational wooden toys at super cheap prices. On my first buy, I probably bought more than 10 toys at less than Php 2,000.00.

Sure, many of their items are sourced from China. Sure, they may use paint that may be unhealthy for babies. But, my baby is still very much alive and I don’t really believe in shelling a lot of money for toys that will only be used for a few weeks.

To Buy: Message them on Facebook, and you can pay via bank deposit. Most often, they offer a freebie if you buy in volume. Fast service, fast delivery, no problems.

2. Kara Mia Educational Toys Facebook (17,000 Facebook Likes)


What They Sell: Selections are similar to Mom and Milly, but with slightly different items. That’s why it’s great to browse through both sites and canvass for cheaper prices. I think in general, Mom and Milly is slightly cheaper but there may be some items that Kara Mia has that Mom and Milly doesn’t.


Kara Mia accepts BDO, BPI, Palawan Express, Cebuana and other payment centers, and send their items via Xend.

Fun Tip: They are now offering a 5% to 10% discount on their educational toys, making them temporarily cheaper than Mom and Milly.

3. Oh Baby! Educational Toys (73,000 Facebook Likes), Instagram: OhBabyPH

Oh Baby.jpg

What They Sell: Your Baby Can Read Set (Php 3,850), which my baby by the way loved. We are just on the Starter DVD and she can now follow words such as “Hi,” “Wave,” “Arms Up/Down,” “Clap,” “Dog,” “Cat,” and 20 other words. When the DVD music starts, our baby starts to raise her arms up and down excitedly and seems to connect very well with the DVD to the point we call it, “Baby’s show.”

Our baby also loves the sliding double-sided word and photo cards. We’ve only purchased this recently and am so far loving the results.

Oh Baby3.jpg

They also have educational DVD sets by Leapfrog, the complete episodes of Peppa Pig, and various 8×11″ books by popular children’s authors.

Oh Baby2.jpg

To be fair, their prices are mid-range to high. Book collections cost around Php 580 to Php 980, and the DVD collections can reach up to Php 2,000, but if you think that these items can help your child grow smarter, then why not?

4. Urban Moms Store Facebook (16,000 Facebook Likes)


What They Sell: I’m not a big fan of their nursing covers and baby girl dresses since I think you can source them way cheaper elsewhere, but I love their cloth books and cloth toys to death!


Check the above quiet book which retails for only Php 650.00. Description as below:

My Quiet Book Stripes will surely keep your children busy while learning with 14 pages filled with buttons, zippers, buckles, snaps, shapes, velcros with pictures, pockets, laces and more! • Hand-washable • Enhances motor skills • Travel friendly • Age recommendation: 12 months and above • Dimension: 25 cm x 21 cm Available color: Red, Pink, Blue Price: 650

Now, isn’t this a great gift item for any mother, and is a perfect accessory for any family that loves traveling?

Even though my baby was less than a year old, the materials were durable and held steady despite her pulling, chewing and touching the item. What a great steal for Php 650.00!

Here are some loveable soft toys as well:


There’s a doctor’s kit, a tool set, a fishing set, a princess and the castle set, Noah’s ark, and an Indian story set for parents who like to open their children’s imagination and creativity. And if you’re wondering about the prices, everything is less than Php 1,000.00!

5. BabyBabsStore Facebook (98,000 Facebook Likes)

I have a love-hate relationship with BabyBabsStore. What I love is their super wide selections ranging from children’s dresses from newborn and up, to baby accessories you’ve never even imagined.

What I don’t love is their relatively slow speed in replying to my messages. I had to message them several times to confirm my order, and it took a day or two delay before my items came (although they did come).


It’s a great place to find anything and everything, and if I can’t find it on other sites, they usually have it at prices with a slight premium. Please note that they have stuff like electric fan covers, baby bath tubs, baby costumes, diaper bags, playpens, socks, teethers, baby bottles, and more.


The most fun things I found were the toddler backpacks, toddler leases and potty training items. They have more than 490 items in their Baby Accessories folder, happy shopping and you’re welcome!

6. Bookery for Kids and Moms Facebook (1,690 Facebook Likes)

At a measely 1,690 Facebook Likes, Bookery for Kids and Mom is a relative newcomer in an otherwise crowded online shopping industry, but boy, do they make up with their wide variety of pre-loved books!

Check out their 677 available titles launched last November 8:




Check out their Facebook site, they have even better selections for children of all ages!

I just went crazy browsing through their many titles. They were also very responsive to my queries, and processing my order. Fellow mommies, instead of buying brand new books at the bookstore, consider buying from Bookery instead.

The quality of the selections are great, and the books, while preloved, are still in excellent condition. The prices are even more wonderful since you can get books at a fraction of a price.

7. House of Madison Facebook and Instagram (3,281 Facebook Likes)



What I Love: House of Madison sells hard-to-find durable wooden items such as girl’s dollhouses, kitchen sets, bookshelves, pianos and pretend play items.

Most of them require pre-ordering and waiting time is 3 weeks, but for the items you’re getting, and the smiles on your children’s faces when they get them, their toys are well worth the wait. If anything, they’re worth far more than similarly priced items from Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us.

The seller is friendly and responsive and I did get everything on time. Overall, quite happy with the service.

8.  Baby Save More Facebook (8,000 Facebook Likes)

Best Things to Buy: Brand-new on-hand walkers, plastic playhouses, Fisher-Price items like Jumperoos, plastic playpens, and Mamaroo.



Prices are cheaper than that of department stores, and they do personally deliver the items to your door. My Fisher Price Cradle and Swing was such a godsend, and was delivered and installed by the lovely resellers of Baby Save More. I cannot recommend them enough!

9.  Mommy Says PH Facebook Page (394,000 Facebook Likes)

What to Buy: Brand-new baby bottles, Gracos Pack N’ Play, Strollers, Diaper Bags, Carters outfits, and more!


I wish I knew about this site BEFORE I bought my Graco Pack ‘N Play from and SM Department Store. Their playard prices are cheaper than retail, and I should have bought from them. Sayang talaga! I could have saved more money than paying full price for these items.

10. MomSavers143 Facebook Page (33,000 Facebook Likes)

What to Buy: If you’re planning to buy a plastic playpen, playground, table, large toys, potty, strollers and other pre-loved items, AND live in the New Manila area, then this site is perfect for you.


I think they mostly import these pre-loved items from the US and sell them cheaply. However, I’ve heard complaints that their Facebook moderator and actual store do not coordinate and it’s possible that items that may be reserved online are no longer available in the store.

To be safe, visit their shop. Address is located at 1st street, corner Broadway Avenue, beside E-games across Broadway Centrum Savemore near Gilmore Q.C.

Consolation Prizes:

  1. The Project Mommyger (3,500 Facebook Likes) – Baby-safe silicon plates that stick to the table. The price is not cheap, but hey, whatever that don’t cause much waste. Great for baby-led weaning moms. feed.jpg
  2. Smart King Strollers – a China-made knock off stroller of the more expensive Baby Yoyo Zen. Here’s how it works, and if you can see, it’s one of the best travel strollers out there. Trust me, I’ve checked out the many models in local retail shops and this is one of the better ones out there!

  3. Mommy’s Little Boss Facebook (55,000 Facebook Likes) – They sell nursing covers but what I love about them is they are the original source for Bitybean in the Philippines, one of the best SSC wraps out there.


  4. Loving Carry Philippines Facebook (5,000 Facebook Likes) – Local source for Love & Carry Air and Love and Carry Dlite, two of the safe and approved carriers out there.

    People who know me know I’m a big fan of great deals, and I’m a big fan of Love & Carry carriers as they cost less than Php 4,000 in a world of SSC carriers like Ergobaby, Tula and Lillebaby which are priced at Php 7,000 and up.

To be honest, if I can keep these sites a secret, I would!

But that would be a great disservice to fellow moms who like the best things for their children but don’t want to overspend. So yes, please take advantage of these wonderful sites and happy shopping!

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