This was a weekend of possibilities, enlightenment, hints of second chances, slight disappointments, and a bout of retail therapy which almost cleared out my bank account.

I won’t go into details what happened last Friday, though I can tell you, the restaurant/lounge People at Anhe Road totally rocks. I’ve been there before, but only this time, both my friend and I were impressed. Below was a conversation I had with a worldly girlfriend afterwards.

Raven: Well, a guy will always make offer yes?

Girlfriend: Not really, only if he’s interested. Hum what kinda offer did he make? To go out or to go to his place?

Raven: To go up his hotel room and continue the conversation. He said he’d behave.

Girlfriend: Oh that’s the oldest line in the world.

Raven: We were sitting in the hotel steps talking for a few hours.

Girlfriend: Ok forget it. i thought the offer was to go out. If it’s to go to his room then he’s after only one thing. And if you said no, then he won’t call again (Raven notes: Actually, he DID call again). Sorry girl

Raven: That’s okay. Because I ruined his ego?

Girlfriend: Well… he was after one thing and he did not get it. I think if a guy really liked a girl, he would not be so eager to jump into bed with her. And if he just wants to sleep with you then it’s wham bam thank you mamm.

*Sheesh, do I really look that easy to guys? Shall I be flattered he even thinks of me half-way decent.*

Girlfriend: I don’t mean the sex itself but the whole thing. It would prob be a one night stand to him coz he’s on a biz trip right?

Raven: Right.

Girlfriend: So he just wants sex. No strings attached sex. I’ve seen plenty of them at the company I work for.

Raven: Am not used to these types of guys. But I don’t think this is the last I’ll see of them. This is definitely new for me.

Girlfriend: Yeah it’s normal.

Raven: Do you ever take them upon offer?

Girlfriend: Hum… depends If i have to work with them, then no.

Raven: Yes, colleagues suck.

Girlfriend: Usually people take it for what it is — a one night stand. No feelings attached

Raven: Hahaha, I can’t do that. And he promised to behave.

Girlfriend: They all say that. It’s a load of crap How many times have I heard that one. Well they will try so i have to say “down boy” then they behave. But it could be dnagerous because the guy might not stop and ask, “Why did you come to my room if you were not expecting it?”

Raven: Doh. Beacuse they said they’ll behave I think you have decide whether you want to do anything with that person before you step into their room. If you want to do it, go. If not, take a taxi and go home.

Girlfriend: Of course, when you go up you should expect the possibility. I do only if i am very much attracted to the guy, and if i want to sleep with him. I don’t expect anything in return. If he’s a colleague, then no. It could get complicated. He could talk, rumors could start.

Raven: But if they’re colleagues. Don’t they think about consequences?

Girlfriend: They are all the same becoz they are far away. So it’s safe for them. You are not gonna be calling them afterwards and they won’t have to take you out. Just sex then good bye. It’s more likely if you’ve met them through work but don’t really work with them so there’s no conflict of interest.

Girlfriend: Oh Raven, you are very innocent. It’s not going to be the last time someone propositioned you.

Raven: They’re coming with frightening frequency. From different positions.

Girlfriend: If a guy makes regular visits, I bet that guy won’t be as likely to proposition you. But the guy who visits once only will more likely.

Raven: Hahahaha why is that?

Girlfriend: Because he will be seeing you on a regular basis and that might get messy and complicated. Unless he really likes you and wants to have a relationship with you.

Girlfriend: The whole point is to keep it clean — once and not see that person again so no aftermath, so to speak.

Raven: So if he will see me with regularity, he will keep it clean. If it’s a one-time deal, he’ll take it for all its worth.

Girlfriend: if he will see you only once, he will try to take what he can. Well we shall see… if he really likes you, he will try to stay in touch with you even after he leaves. But don’t sleep with any guy too soon.

Raven: Do you count in dates?

Girlfriend: Hum… depends. Maybe familiarity

Raven: So when will they take a colleague seriously?

Girlfriend: When you don’t sleep with them. Until you are sure that they are really into you, not just after sex.

Raven: That’s good advice. How do you know if they’re into you?

Girlfriend: You can just feel it. If they care about you as a person. (Gives a private example).

Girlfriend: If you choose to sleep with someone, esp on biz trip, don’t expect them to take it seriously. Like i said, i would only do it if the guy’s really hot, and even then i don’t expect anything in return.

Raven: Did anything come out of it?

Girlfriend: Of course not. Don’t do anything unless he shows interest and even then, do not jump into bed with him. Well like he likes to hang out with you outside of work and will contact you in a personal capacity, none work related.

Girlfriend: Anyway, I am very proud of you for tonight. Good luck with guy B. I hope he’s a decent man.

Raven: I dunno. We shall see.

Girlfriend: You never know these things.


Big sigh. Oh well, we live, we learn.

I spent the entire Saturday studying but it wasn’t enough since I woke up late. The guy did message me back though asking me if I had plans for Saturday, which came as a surprise after “Down boy” last Friday.

The good thing was, I looked really pretty yesterday with a cool top and trademark flowing pants. The ironic thing was, we never got to meet again.

The whole plan fell through and though I was light and breezy the entire time, there was no freaking way I was going out to see him after he kinda stood me up. I should have more respect for myself than that.

He did try though. Afterwards, he asked, “Don’t suppose I can tempt you to stop by when you’re done?”

He was doing sishas at the Bed and then alcoholic drinks at Champagne 2.

But by then, I already had a sweet dinner at Citizen Cain and doing some retail therapy at the Tong Fong night market.

Jeez, I bought the nicest date dresses and they looked REALLY good. But of course, my savings account suffered as a result.

There was this really sexy Italian black dress with flowing material — at NT$2,200, which made me feel bad until my companion blew off over NT$6,000 from her own shopping spree.

There was that backless black dress which was at a special price of NT$499. Some skimpy shorts, a cheap NT$100 top that came in a color I liked, among others…

Now, if I could only find dates to wear them too, everything will be perfect. 😛

They are totally drop-dead gorgeous and shows off the right curves. I wish I can take pics but they won’t look as good.

Okay, enough shopping for now, and time for studying.

Net net, this weekend worked out differently than expected, but I still had fun. I came out from the entire experience unscathed and up to face the world this week next.

So how did your weekend go, and have you ever been propositioned before? :-O

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