It’s Spring!

It must be Spring, and who knows about Spring romance!

From my last post, I have a new update — am going out on a “date” tomorrow night. Yeeeha!

Ironically, the invite came at a most unexpected place — I was running around the office when I bumped into our company’s visitor who was trying to get the receptionist’s attention. Turned out he was lost and wanted something to drink.

I quickly checked out his nametag just to be sure he has a right to be there. After finding out it was safe, I led him to our pantry and showed off our free-flowing cranberry juice/soy bean milk/coke collection.

We chatted a bit but he was dragged a meeting with my boss for a courtesy call so I went my own way and thought nothing of it.

Geez, guys can really be persistent when they really want to.

On the span of the afternoon, I’ve received several emails (one was an empty error message), and because I was too busy in meetings to reply back, he even gave me a call ensuring I get the message.

Fast replyer too.

Anyway, he’s not very decisive (poor me as am indecisive myself), but we managed to select tomorrow to meet up for some dinner. I don’t think he wants to meet me for my intelligent conversation as he had explicitly stated that we shouldn’t really talk about business.

One thing I noticed though — he reminds me so much of Aussie guy (uh-oh). I don’t know where the heck he’s from but he has the same sexy accent, and that gruff demeanor that is amusing yet adorable at the same time. He is definitely no debonair, a bit rough around the edges, but hey, after meeting with a wine snob who wanted 5-star restaurants, it’s a breath of fresh air.

I just love being single! I can go out and enjoy myself with the guilt.

The downside is, he’s only here till the weekend though so there’s an expiration date. But we shall see — at the moment, thou shalt not think too much la.

I have a feeling it’s going to be fun going out with him, so am quite psyched. And if he’s too boring, I can always just sit back and listen to the drone of his voice.

Okay, gotta get my beauty sleep. Ta-Ta!!!

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