What I’m Listening To…

Gawd, am such a Linkin Park fan.

I could listen to their tracks over and over. And finally, after a year and a half, the wait is over…

Minutes to Midnight: Linkin Park’s official third album.

You’d bet it’s what’s been playing on and on in my MP3 player. Frankly, I prefer the previous two as they had catchier beats, but I’m so Linkin Park-biased, I love this third album as well.

Haha, there goes my feminine side.

Bah, who cares.

I haven’t cared about a lot of things nowadays. Both refreshing and disturbing at the same time.

My scales are currently imbalanced, and I hope to go to that happy place again.

But life is now… more real. I now know what Aussie meant the last time we intimately talked.

Yes Ed, I’ve changed… I doubt you’ll ever recognize me now. Too bad you’re far away.”

Things are very different now. I don’t know yet whether I like the changes happening in me.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

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