I Now Know Why…

… Doctors have a tendency to marry fellow doctors; or lawyers their fellow lawyers.

It’s not merely the vicinity that makes a match more feasible, but rather, the subtle understanding two people have when they share the same profession.

Case in point, this evening at the Pearl Liang Hyatt, I just broke bread with three of the biggest hotshots in my company: the global head, the US head, and the APAC head. I was a tad thrilled.
It’s not really everyday that you get to rub elbows with the creme of the creme of my industry. These are the people who’ve reached the top, and my gosh, of the things you can learn!

When I shared to my friend KW the news, her reaction?

“Okay. I see.”

That’s it?!

You meet the head honchos of your company and you get, “I see?”

Definitely live in two different words la. She is a music teacher, while I belong in a different industry. No wonder there are things, no matter how much I love her, she can’t get.

It’s like meeting three of the world’s most talented pianists,” I said.

Yes, maybe,” she replied back.

Argh. She doesn’t get the excitement!!!

And that’s why, sometimes, I feel people marry those in their own profession. Because there are just some things that are hard to explain, and you often wish that the other person gets it.

Such as why it’s so exciting to have met these three successful people.


On a side note, it’s amazing how three people, upon hearing a story, gives you three very different opinions. For example, when I related my non-story with Mike, I’ve received three varied reactions as follows:

KW Opinion: You reject them first, so they bite you in the butt after

KW: How was the meeting with Mike?

Raven: We haven’t met yet.

KW: Why not?

Raven: I was busy, then he was busy.

KW: Wow… I see. Pity. You should make time for him, at least meet him once. i think you want to see him.

Raven: I did. But now, he’s the one busy.

KW: I see.

Raven: Anyway, that’s the past. We shall see — problem is, i have stuff for Thurs/Fri already. At this rate, hard to meet Mike lo. Well, if he really wants to meet, he knows my number anyway.

KW: Wow.

Raven: Why wow?

KW: Come on — you always have the same problem.

Raven: What?

KW: i mean… everything sounds so familiar.

Raven: I think if we meet, good. If not, it’s not really my fault.

KW: You know what? It’s true that you are busy. But that’s not how it works. He did try, and you did try… but he thinks that he suggested to meet the first day he is here. But you couldn’t.

KW: Which means you are not that interested.

KW: Again… you were testing him which is not so good.

Raven: But I did try to contact him Monday, and today. So he cannot fault me for not trying. As usual — pride is the problem. MY pride.

KW: It’s kinda like Aussie guy. You turned him down first.

*Ouchbringing up Aussie guy right now.*

Raven: Noted.

KW: And you did the same thing to Mike. i think you are too used to Filipino guys.

Raven: They’re very nice. And know how to treat women

KW: Right.. but that’s the Philippines,

Raven: But that’s how women deserved to be treated.

KW: Depends.


LY Opinion: If he doesn’t call, it’s his loss.

Raven: KW thinks it’s my fault Mike hasn’t answered. Since I was busy on Monday, the first nite he was here, she says it shows that am not that interested.

LY: Could be.

Raven: Maybe. But that’s a bit too harsh. I called anyway…. is that not enough?

Raven: I had a counter offer…. Not Monday, but for Tuesday. I called him on Monday. But he didn’t answer. So I texted him a message. He didn’t respond back, so I called him today. Reached his friend, who gave me his OTHER number. I called, but the number was busy. So left a message. Is that NOT enough?!

LY: If you really want to meet him, try again tomorrow. If he didn’t reply, then his loss.

Raven: He has my number — why not HE call? LY — my pride is hurt. But then again, what is pride?

Raven: I dunno. KW talks as if I turned Mike down. But I gave him a counter offer for Tuesday, for goodness sakes. That’s not rejection right?

LY: I don’t think that you hurt Mike…

Raven: I think he’s just busy.

LY: But you must know what you want. Don’t over think this situation. If you meet him you will be only his friend… nothing to lose. I don’t think this is such a big deal to make you feel bad.

LY: Don’t wast your time on this Mike. Life is too short to waste on this type of the thing…. if he’s yours then you will meet him again.

Raven: That is true……..

LY: If he’s not the one, no matter how hard you try, you will still not get him.

Raven: Sigh, that’s true.

LY: Nothing really happened, nothing truly going on between you and him. You didn’t give him any promises so why feel bad?

LY: You did call and made the counteroffer to meet him. So if he’s busy then… too bad… his loss.

Raven: Because KW said that it’s my problem — that I do this over and over again. I reject a guy, their pride is hurt. In short, I chase them away. I did it with Aussie guy. And I complain when they hurt me back.

LY: Not true.

LY: I think you’re looking through the magnifying glass when you should look at the bigger picture.

LY: Yes, for the OZ guy there’s a bit. But in the end it just proves that he’s an axxxxx, because he didn’t understand and consider your feelings. It proves that he’s not a right guy for you. So… it’s better to get to know the REAL him in this condition… batter than that you get close to him and get hurt.

Raven: Too bad with Mike. Haha, KW makes me think I should’ve accepted the Monday date.

LY: Try to be a little “open minded”

Raven: Okay….


Mom’s Reaction: Find someone who can convince you first

Mom: Try to catch a BIG FISH

Raven: Big fish?

Mom: Yes, guapo (handsome), mayaman (well-to-do), mabait (kind-hearted), masipag (industrious) and considerate.

*My mom probably haven’t met a lot of guys these days — there aren’t a lot who fit that description. Anyway…*

Raven: Those guys are already old with kids!!! LOL.

Mom: Pray to God to send you one.

Raven: Wait, what if the guy’s not rich? Money isn’t everything. Am earning enough naman e.

Mom: Ultimately, you don’t need someone who’s rich in terms of money. However, he has to be rich in love, hardworking and everything is… Raven is #1.

*My mom must REALLY live in a dream world*

Mom: But don’t find me a beggar naman.

Raven: Hahaha!

Mom: Bye na. Love you. I think your choice is what mom will approve. As long as Raven is # 1, ok na yan.

Raven: My friend says, if you want them, you have to make yourself available. SIGH.

Mom: Bot that way. They have to find way to convince you first

Oh well. We shall see then.

Tomorrow’s a brand new day — and a nice dinner at Bagel Bagel, a high end Italian restaurant. YUM!!!

When God closes the door, He opens the window.

So we shall see what type of window He opens then! 🙂

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