…post your real name when posting an online ad in a Thai dating site:

Am looking for a girl who’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. One who values family, friends, and morals; but who also likes to experience life, go out, and try new things. Someone that I can take care of, and someone who can take care of me. I value a woman’s femininity!


But honestly a tad disappointing. 🙁

Big sigh.

I had truly hoped he would be different.

Maybe that’s just me foolishly hoping… 🙁

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2 thoughts on “Never…

  1. You can always sign up at Alexander Gym. I’ve been to their spinning classes in Neo 19, and it’s pretty good.

    For taebo, try contacting Warren Wang at 0968 371248 or email at He has a gym and it’s cheap. They teach muay thai, brazilian jiujitsu and taebo. He can point you to the right direction.

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