Mind your own business!

I don’t f*cking care what people think.

This evening, a good friend of mine told me that some people were starting to talk about me. Or in particular, my very good friend MS, who was recently divorced.

The thing is Raven,” my friend said, “He got divorced too fast and too soon. All of a sudden, as soon as he was free, he was suddenly having the time of his life, and of course, people will talk. Ideally, they’d want him to run after his wife, make the marriage work and not give up as easily. Instead, what does he do a few weeks after the divorce? Party and have fun!”

So when did it become anybody’s business what he wants to do after his divorce?” I said. “People should have better things to do than to talk about other people!”

Yeah, but of course, what do you expect?” he countered. “Of course, people will side with the abandoned wife. They feel sorry for her, and MS isn’t helping the situation by going around and having a lotta fun! He should be out getting his wife back.”

What’s worse, they think that you’ve been hanging out too much with him after the big D,” he continued. “You know how Asian people are… they put two and two together…”

“So he thinks MS and I are dating?” I interrupted. “My god, how ignorant can people get. Besides, it’s none of their business.”

“Look Raven, I know you and I know you and MS aren’t dating,” he replied. “But they don’t. And of course, people see that you’ve been hanging out a lot and having fun even AFTER his divorce. So what do you think people will say? OF COURSE people will talk, and you gotta be careful cause Taipei’s really small.”

“Look M, frankly speaking, I don’t really care what people are saying because I know damn well it’s not true,” I argued. “Besides, it’s really NONE of their business. They don’t know what’s the real story and we should all never know. Who are we to judge?”

“Well, you just look guilty by association,” he suggested. “Just an FYI.”

Thanks for warning me,” I warmly said. “But seriously, good friends of mine will not think less of me by hanging out with a just-divorced man. Those who do are ignorant and I couldn’t care less about what they think.”

But as I’ve said, Taipei’s really small and you never know who hears these things,” he warned.

Sure, I know that,” I replied. “But heck, those who talk about me and MS are probably not the type of people I’d hung out with anyway. We’d always be polite acquaintances, and why should I care how casual acquaintances think about me anyway?

“I dunno R. Just warning you, that’s all.”

God, that’s one thing I hate about Taipei — ignorant people who have nothing better to do than talk. 🙁

One thing wrong about what MDQ warned me today though — MS being a foreigner will not stop me from dating him if I wanted to. Seriously, I couldn’t care less.

People should just learn to mind their own businesses, especially if their accusations are unfounded.

Not spend every Wednesday hanging around just to talk about others.

Really, that’s just pathetic.

And after ranting about it, we’ll just move on.

No wonder they’re damned miserable in Taipei


Hmmm… an email from a guy friend I met last weekend inviting me out to do something.

Maybe this has some potential… 🙂

I’ll let you guys in on the details once it comes!

Shouldn’t be too long as I should be seeing him this Saturday. 😉

On other lighter news:

This would never happen during my workplace.

But always good to share with you!


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