Age matters?

When I was still with Ex#2, you can’t imagine my surprise and happiness upon finding out that the husband of my dear friend and Chinese tutor, Iris, was 18 years older than her — that’s the exact age gap Ex#2 and I had.

They got married when she was 25, and he was somewhere in his 40s. They have two daughters and had remained together all these years. He is now in his 70s.

I asked her if she had any regrets getting married to his first and only boyfriend, and an old man at that.

She thought for a minute and said:

I love my husband, and there are many things I am happy about him. But sometimes, especially now that we’re both old and him even more, I wonder what could’ve been… and if it would’ve been better if I’ve married someone my own age so we could’ve grown up together.

But who would’ve known? Marrying someone my age doesn’t guarantee stability in the marriage. Nevertheless, sometimes when your husband gets ailments you yourself probably get 20 years later, you wonder, did I make the right choice?

“But of course, you’ve already made the right decision and you don’t regret what could’ve been,” she concluded.

Why am I talking about this now?

Because I actually met her husband a week ago — and I completely understood what she meant.

Birthday dinner tonight… invited a couple of good friends. God, just realized, my guy friends totally outnumber the females.

Oh well, c’est la vie!


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