I’d be fat in a month!

Ever since I started working at this new company, I’d been eating continuously.

During my first three days at the job, there’s an endless supply of sandwiches, snacks and bien dang due to a 3-day stock valuation seminar in the office…

Then, every Friday, there’s the Happy Hour at 4PM which serves various types of food…

There’s a free-flowing supply of Nespresso coffee (cool machine, delicious coffee), instant noodles, soft drinks and tea…

Freshly-cut fruits in the afternoon… today was Taiwanese starfruit, yesterday was peach and apples… I love grapes the most…

A free sushi set lunch last Friday (thanks to my lovely boss), and a drink night-out at the Tavern (with unhealthy yet savory finger foods) and Hooters (buffalo wings, fried chicken anyone?)…

And when I arrived, a free lunch meal at a nice sushi place near Warner, as well as a nice set dinner at Fresh Herbs near the Lien He Bao building…

There’s also that nice Japanese dinner I had last night at Dozo and the lovely strawberry cream cake…

And because I work long hours and get off to work around 7:30 pm-ish, I don’t really have enough time to work out as much as I did before (went to the gym 3X a month)…

Basically, my social life has been halved…

Especially since I’d have to be in bed at midnight to ensure I wake up early the next day for work.

So there’s just work (which consists of a lot of sitting), eating (and tons of it!) and sleep.

The perfect formula for becoming a pig.

And I heart eating.

I just can’t keep a diet no matter what I do.

Thank god though, I am not really addicted to chocolates.

Aiyo, we’ll just see.

I’ll start my diet tomorrow.

And see how I can work out my work out into my already-full schedule.

But heck, even if I’m working hard and eating more, at the very least, I like my new job tremendously even if it doesn’t give me a lot of time to do anything else.

Hahaha, and I’m glad that finally, I have some purpose in my life.

For the first time, I know where I’m going in the next five years. 😉

Hopefully, it’s not becoming a swine.

But at least, someone who has a good career and direction in life.

*thumbs up*

And if this is what it takes to get it, so be it.

Life is short, just do it.

Night night!

Beddy-bye time!


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