Biz trip?

Let’s pop the bubblies!

I’m going to Hong Kong on a business trip sometime next month!

Maybe now, I’d have the chance to see this guy I’m crushing on. 🙂

Will things be different, or remain the same?

Ooooh, I think I’ll know when the time comes.

And I just can’t wait! 😉

Haha, do you notice any patterns with the guys you date?

Well, for me, they share being tall and being a non-smoker. They’re also pretty health conscious (e.g., one played soccer, the other wallclimbed with me, and this one sails) but the similarity ends there.

Oh, what’s funny was, all of my exes, or guys I’ve dated… their names started with “M.”

So there’s Michan, a couple of Mikes and so forth.

I’m not kidding.

Guys I’ve dated, all their names started with the letter, “M.”

It was pretty weird at that time too! Once, I met two Mikes a weekend apart! 😀

But I think times are changin’.

For a moment there, I thought I was moving on to a different letter.

A lot of Davids, Daniels, Dan, and Daves were asking me out…

There was an “E” but I think he was an exception. Otherwise, it’s been very predictable.

But boy, I was wrong.

Now, I think I’m moving to a different letter…


Joy oh joy oh joy!

C’est la vie!

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