I’m not here to judge.

I’m just here to share, retelling a story I’ve heard from a good friend of mine a few days ago.

We were walking in the Daan park, him and I. It was drizzling and like always, we liked to walk around the park after a nice evening meal, conversing about anything under the sun.

Now at 31, he has had a few girlfriends since then, but none of them really lasted. Like me, he is also looking for a serious relationship, but unlike me, he is content with having casual flings if nothing better came along.

This is HIS story.

He told me about his divorce.

He married young, in his early 20s. “I was stupid,” he said. “I thought I was in love and I married her.”

But the novelty wore off.

His ex-wife liked to go out with friends more, while he stayed at home.

After a while, his wife’s younger adopted sister became more and more attractive to him.

“It started simply,” he recanted. “We were alone in the house watching TV when all of a sudden, we just started kissing.”

“It continued for a couple of months,” he blissfully recounted. “Man, was she tight. She just felt so good. And we did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.”

He looked ahead, thinking of the past.

“There were days when I would make love to my wife in the morning, rush to her sister’s room and did her while my wife was in the shower,” he said. “Then after doing her sister, I’d give my ex-wife a kiss goodbye before she left work.”

“It was indeed some crazy times,” he smiled at the past.

“Then why did you marry your wife if you’d just go around cheating behind her back?” I asked.

“I believed we were in love when I married her,” he explained. “But like most people, we were both young and stupid.”

“Then one day,” he revealed, “My wife came home earlier and he caught me and her sister in bed. I wasn’t banging her then, but I was doing something to her sister that she knew exactly what’s been happening.”

“She looked at us, and then started screaming at us,” he uttered. “She called her sister a ‘b*tch’ and a ‘slut’ several times and started hitting me. It was awful. I’ve never seen a person so crushed in my entire life.”

“I don’t ever want to hurt a person the way I hurt my ex-wife again… she was shattered” he murmured. “But it was so bad, and it felt so good… I just couldn’t stop at that time.”

“In the end, I moved out and her adopted sister stayed,” he said as he ended his story. “I’m telling you, I felt bad for (adopted sister’s name). She got the brunt of the whole thing, my ex-wife made her life hell.”

“Now, we’re divorced and I’m here in Taiwan,” he disclosed. “I’m finally ready for a serious relationship and I don’t want to hurt anybody again. But I am single. Life’s funny, ain’t it?”

Would you date this guy?

Will a leopard change his spots?

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