Let me say this once again with a huge smile in my face: “I’m in-between jobs!!! Hoot!”

At long last, I’m gloriously unemployed!

*gives high fives all around*

This is the nth time this weekend that I’ve said that. 😀

Many people would groan about not having a job (okay, not having an income sucks btw), but nope, not me.

Cause tomorrow, I can sleep as late as I want, and spend the day in any way I want! 😀


Well, kinda… because I’d still have to get back to the office tomorrow cause I have to finish more paperwork.

But overall, I’m FREEEEEEEE!!!


Bet you can’t see my ecstaticness with my new-found freedom! 😉

So yeah, after I finish paperwork, I’d have lunch with a guy friend of mine at Capone’s. Heard their business buffet lunch is merely NT$270, so gotta give that a try — and what’s best, he’s paying!


Afterwards, it’s shopping time!

Esprit, Mastina, G2000 and the super cheap, Wu Fen Phu, here I come!

Gotta get some business attire for my next job!

Ummm… before I go to bed, what IS business attire?

*scratches head*

In my old company, I could go on a tanktop, blue jeans and flipflops and still be fine. There were times I would even go in gym attire…

So heck, I don’t know what to wear in a more conservative business setting… 🙁

Aside from the business suits and pantsuit/skirt, what should I wear? What type of blouses shall I chose?

Help! I’m totally clueless!!!


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