A Farewell Letter

Letter I sent to the whole department today:

Hello everyone,

Sadly, after over 2 glorious years in this company, today’s my last day at AXXX. Thanks so much to everyone who made it worthwhile: the planners for their patience in being our “bridge” with clients and making life easier for us, the designers whose creativeness made our brochures/demos interesting to look at, and fellow writers — both English and Chinese — for making work fun and the word, “family” a reality.

To Thomas and Henry, keep up the good work — and Marcom alive! As to Lauren and Dave, you guys are the best and doubt will ever find bosses as great as both of you anywhere.

I miss you guys already. My contact information are found below. Keep in touch!


XXXX@XXXX.org.tw, XXXXXXXX@gmail.com


Emails I received:

Dear Raven:

Good luck! The future is on your hand.

Manual Team Vincent XXX


Raven —

Thanks for all of your fantastic, always-enthusiastic work/support over the last couple of years.

I’ll miss you in more ways than one: as a competent and dependable teammate, and as a very good friend.

(And don’t talk to me now, or you’ll see me cry.)

Best of luck always.


Some people are happy to leave their company.

I’m not one of them.

It saddens me that after 2 1/2 years, I’m moving on to the next step.

And I’m leaving great people behind (or at least, not work beside them from day to day).

There’s Lauren, my lovely American boss, the best travel buddy I’ve had as of yet, and a good friend. I’ll fondly remember the memories and the places we’ve been. Till Jade Mountain, or South Korea, or wherever!

There’s IM, my Canadian buddy and avid listener of my hilarious yet pitiful relationship anecdotes. Thanks for unconsciously listening to my Toastmaster speeches and for being on my side whenever I need it. And yes, I knew I should’ve held Aussie guy’s hand! Let’s talk via MSN still!

To BH, whose no-nonsense approach of not giving a damn to what other people think is a lesson to us all. Thanks for telling me that my not being Miss Nice doesn’t mean I’m being a b*tch — but just asserting myself.

To BS, whose quiet ways undeniably creates a major positive impact in the team and company. Yes, thank you for showing me that there are 24-year old guys who are mature, and having a slow life doesn’t mean it’s boring.

To newcomer RM, too bad haven’t really gotten a lot of time to get to know you. But heck, am glad you came in when I’m just on my way out. The team needs all the help they can get!

To DT, my higher-up boss, thanks for making our working environment more “Westernized.” You’ve made going to work something to look forward to, and thanks so much for encouraging us to take advantage of vacation leaves to maintain a work/life balance, as well as discouraging us to go overtime. You rock!

Thanks everyone for a great 2 1/2 years…

I think I’m going off to cry now.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yes, changes are indeed afoot.

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