A wet and wild night


Last night, I got wet and wild with the French cutie.

It was raining so who could blame us? 😉

After a night of climbing (walls my dear, not each other… ahem!), he took me home on his brand-new puma-like motorcycle.

Punier than a Harley-Davidson (of course!) BUT way tougher and more bad-ass than a Taiwanese scooter.

And on the drizzling rain nevertheless…

With yours truly wearing a white t-shirt.

Thanks for the wet and wild ride,” I said to him as I took off my helmet. “Now, after riding this baby, I’m really wet.

French cutie laughed, “Now I can’t let you go home alone…”

I smiled and reached to him…

Scene fades away…

Haha, whatever happens next is my personal business! 😀


Yesterday, I talked to Priscilla, a good friend of mine.

She told me that she recently talked to the guy she used to date on the phone, and found out from him that he’s depressed and his life now sucks.

It’s a good thing we broke up when we did,” she said. “Otherwise, I’d still be with him and that’s not good for me.

He’s a player. Always was, always will be. He will not change,” she continues with a wiry smile.

Just to backtrack a bit, the guy she dated was already married with two kids. He said that he loved his wife and kids to death and even had his wife’s face tattoed on his forearm. However, it’s his nature to spread his seed so he had a girlfriend at almost every port.

I remember asking Priscilla, “How do you deal with it cause I can’t. I can’t bear to share my guy with anybody else.”

“His wife comes with him. He’s already married when I met him, I can’t change that,” she replied. “However, I will not allow him to have any other girlfriends when he’s dating me.

That’s why they broke up — the guy couldn’t stand just having one girlfriend and so broke up with her before he “cheated.

As my friend had sadly said, “It’s in his blood to cheat.

Regardless, she lept into the relationship mainly because she knew it was only for a good short time. “He makes me feel special when I’m with him,” she explains. “Otherwise, I won’t get into it. We just can’t work in a serious relationship.

I can’t help but admire her in a way.

I can’t do what she’s done… holding herself and her heart back because she knows nothing will result from the relationship. When I love, I love fully, no holds barred. I can’t just pour water on a broken, leaking barrel without knowing that it can’t be fixed.

Well, I think he underestimated his wife. He thought she loved him so much that she couldn’t bear to leave him despite knowing of his infidelities,” she commented. “She knew he was cheating, but before she’d turn a blind eye so long as she knew she had him as a husband.

She laughed.

In the end, she’s had enough and took a lover of her own and divorced him,” Priscilla retorted. “What goes around, comes around.

Yes, this is life my friends.

What goes around, comes around.

So you be careful now.

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