The Allure of the T.G.F.

If you’ve lived in Taiwan, you’ve definitely seen them.

I’m talking about T.G.F.s — a buzzword I’ve learned this weekend.

What does T.G.F. mean anyway?

According to my friend, Top-Climber, T.G.F.s stand for “Taiwanese Girlfriends.

They’re hot…

Look good…

But the stereotype is, they lack substance necessary to sustain a long-term relationship.

Do you know what I mean?” Top-Climber said. “Here in Taiwan, you can see white dudes who would probably rate a 3 or 5 in attractiveness back home in the States, being able to land a la-mei (super-hot) Taiwanese girlfriend.”

Hmm… it’s true.

Not that I have anything against them, but I’ve seen overweight, balding American dudes having sexy, Taiwanese eye-candies on their arms walking along the streets of Taipei.

It’s quite bizarre, because Top-Climber’s right. No matter how we go about it, physical attractive do have weight in selecting a potential mate.

Sure, maybe these hot women are so attracted to their boyfriend’s great personality that they’re able to overlook the lack of physical attractiveness, but seriously, do you think this is the case?

“If for example, he goes after a Western woman,” Top-Climber continues to explain, “He’d probably get an average-looker rated a 5 or a 6. However, if he goes after a Taiwanese hot chick, he’ll probably get an 8 or a 10 easily!”

But how about substance and personality?” I asked. “Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that a girl’s attractiveness is inversely proportional with her brains, personality or having interests. Most of these la-meis are only interested in shopping…”

“Who cares about substance anyway?” Top-Climber replied. “Taiwan’s a white dude’s summer camp, baby. Most guys here aren’t really for the long-term. They just wanna have their fun and then run. You can’t really blame a guy for going after those la-meis.”

“Then there’s no way Western-minded women can compete then,” I commented. “I mean, generally speaking, Taiwanese women are still way thinner. Besides, Western women have stronger personalities which turn many guys off. I mean, who wants to deal with an outspoken, slightly overweight, assertive Western-minded woman when they can have a sexy, docile and worships them type of woman?”

“Well, it depends what these guys want though,” my friend answered. “I mean, personally, for the long-term, I prefer girls with attitude and with a mind of their own. Most Taiwanese girls, unless they’re really exceptional, cannot sustain my interest. Sure, for fun… why not? But with the big cultural gap, can you live with them? No.”


But Top-Climber’s right…

Taiwan is indeed a Western guy’s dream — Hot girls fall over to get their attention, and they have their pick to choose from.

As he’s mentioned, “It’s like summer camp for white guys, Raven. That’s why, Taiwan’s not really the best place to find a guy.”

Looking around, he’s right.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of guys running around desperately looking for any hot chick that’s wearing a skirt. I’d like to scream whenever acquaintances would start asking me, “Come on Raven, introduce us to some hot girls!”

I don’t get it.

Why are these intelligent men placing too much importance on looks?

What about substance?

What about the ability to carry a good, intellectual conversation?

What about similarities in culture and thinking?

The answer: “Taiwan is the white guy’s summer camp, baby.”

Agree or disagree…?

Your thoughts appreciated.


I just spent one of the most relaxing weekends ever.

It was great!

First, although it was forecast to rain, it didn’t… so we enjoyed weather that teetered on the brink of a major downpour but didn’t. Cloudy and cool, just my type of weather.

Secondly, I discovered a great new restaurant that would keep me coming back for more!

On Friday, I had dinner at this Swedish restaurant at an alley in Sanmin Road (near Tesco and Minsheng), called Flavor.

The food was surprisingly terrific; I was really impressed!

We both ordered the Swedish national dish — Swedish meatballs served in sweet sauce and complemented with vegetables and potatoes cooked in honey.

At NT$550 for a whole set (includes soup, salad, a shot of flavored vodka, dessert and choice of drink), I felt it was a steal, especially since their dessert — apple pie in ice cream (NT$90) — was one of the best ever!

Service was also terrific as it’s the wife’s owner who does the serving.

The restaurant is small so better make reservations before you check it out. However, it’s a cozy place to take someone on your second or third date (not the first).

I’m definitely going back for seconds! I’d like to try their steak or ribs next time around if I don’t get another craving for those delicious meatballs!

As for Saturday, I watched my friend AC perform her hiphop dance number near Sanzhong. It was an Alexander-sponsored event, cumulating months and months of dance practice of Alexander (the gym) students.

Though it was around 4 hours long, the show was pretty hot, parading off various type of dance including flamenco, salsa, jazz, belly dancing, hiphop, reggae and more!Here are some pictures to the event:
It’s also nice showing your support and encouragement to friends. After months of continuous practice, AC’s patience and hard work has finally paid off.

Great work AC!

It was indeed a treat to watch you perform and thanks for inviting me!

Following the steaming hot dance performances, had a nice treat and went for a massage and then curled up the couch and watch Seymour Hoffman’s Oscar award-winning performance in “Capote.”

To top off the relaxing weekend, there was glorious wallclimbing for a few hours at Y17 on Sunday, followed by a nice dinner at Jamaica and then doing my best to clean up my humble abode for the rest of the night!

Ahhhh…. ;-D

Gotta do that more!

Some of the best things in life and simple and free!

C’est la vie and have a great Monday everyone!

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4 thoughts on “The Allure of the T.G.F.

  1. ‘Id like to scream whenever acquaintances would start asking me, “Come on Raven, introduce us to some hot girls!”

    I asked u something along those lines once ^_^ lol

  2. Why would they ask you to get introduced to some hot girls, are they blind or something???

    Something is definitely wrong with that picture, hehe. I don’t know why but I have a ‘thing’ for Chinese girls, hehe. Do you think I should go to Taiwan or Mainland China perhaps? Do you think I could get introduced to some ‘hot’ Chinese girls there(haha)?

    At second thought, I think I made up my mind already long time ago and I’m not inclined to make a change…’s Raven or bust, hahaha!

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