101 Things about Me

It’s been over a year since I’ve started blogging and I’ve yet to post anything too personal about it. But since we’ve just celebrated my blog’s birthday yesterday, here are some 101 few fun facts about me (Gosh, I feel so narcissistic, but humor me… it IS this blog’s bday):


1. My dad is the head of the household and is a big influence in my life. He is brilliant and I respect him, but he is very difficult to deal with.

2. I vowed to myself to marry someone who is as confident as my dad, but is not that of a tyrant who likes to control his household. I’m all for equal partnership.

3. My mom is the balancing factor of my family. I attribute my dad’s success and my brother and mine’s sanity to her. She has sacrificed a lot for the family, and I love her to death.

4. Have one little brother, and eight half-siblings. Half of my half-siblings and I are close.

5. Have a half-brother who is one of Citibank’s top vice-presidents, but haven’t really seen him since I was young.

6. Parents have a small trading company. Made a killing with coffee beans during the early 80’s. Little brother is currently getting into the business, and probably making more money than I.

7. Because they were busy building up the business when I was young, I was practically raised by maids till I was 3 or so.

8. Parents never gave us everything we wanted, but we had everything we NEEDED when we were growing up. They really taught us the value of money. My half-siblings think we’re spoiled, but we’re actually not. Just sheltered.

9. My little brother, I adore. He’s one of the kindest, nicest people I know! A perfect gentleman and a heartbreaker at that, my little brother isn’t as smart as I, but that never gets him down. Girl who marries him will be the luckiest gal ever!

10. Have around 12 aunts and uncles in my dad’s side; and around 5 in my mom’s. I like my mom’s side better.

11. As you may guess, dad is super strict. So he doesn’t know what I’ve been up to lately. It’s all in a need to know basis.

12. According to him, I’m “allowed” to have my first boyfriend at 28 years old. Little did he know…


13. Don’t think I’m that great of a writer, but for some reason, writing has found me. Have done a substantial amount of writing in every phase of my life.

14. Can easily write long reports. Give me a topic, and I can come up with enough bullsh*t to fill at least 2 pages (single-spaced).

15. Works for a global computer company, but don’t know much about servers. I abhor them and avoid them like a plague. But I have to write about them sometimes, so I have to make some stuff up.

16. Have a great boss, who introduced me to the joys and torture of keeping fit by exercising at noon.

17. MSN a lot at work. BAAAAAAAAAAAD, I know. πŸ™ But keeps work interesting. Been trying to cut back now.

18. Can type very, VERY fast. But never had typing lessons. One summer, my mom just gave me a bunch of reports to type, and the rest is history.

19. I email back almost immediately, lest I forget. Am quite forgetful.


20. I can wake up, get ready and be out of the door in 10 minutes time (Great when you’re late for work!).

21. Loves to read. If only the 24-hour Eslite bookstore was near my house, I’d go there every time I have the time! I’m such a bookworm!

22. Dances for the sake of dancing. When I go, I like to wear my sexiest outfits, but never to pick up men.

23. Loves to watch movies!!! A great way to spend your spare time.

24. Absolutely hate housework and laundry. Never started doing it till I got to Taiwan. Really appreciated my yaya when I got here.

25. Been TV-free for the past 3 years. Not that I don’t watch TV (I watch it if I’m at my friends’ place), but my personal TV is on top of my closet. Unused and unplugged.

26. I love to talk. Once I air out my complaints, I feel way better.

27. Studied Japanese. Still in the beginner level, but gradually improving. Improvement stopped when I stopped my classes.

28. Does indoor wall climbing more often to perk up my butt and give myself a kick-ass body. Already hooked have the complete gear. I go climbing once or twice a week.

29. Loves to meet up with friends over coffee or tea just to talk. Can talk, and talk, and talk… have to work on the listening part more though. πŸ™‚

30. Fave sport β€” pingpong! That’s the only sport I’m decent at. Still learning how to smash and spin the ball.

31. Exercise around thrice a week. Especially likes Pilates, but bummed ’cause the teacher is moving towards greener pastures.

32. Traveling. Vow to go abroad at least once a year. My family doesn’t know I went to Cambodia and Phuket.

33. I dream of going back-packing for at least 3 months in multiple countries.

34. I’m awful at bowling. Once, I had a measly score of 18! Now, it’s improving!

35. Would love to try bungee jumping and hang gliding at least once.

36. Can’t drive yet. Think it’s a conspiracy by dad to keep me at home. Working on the bicycling part.

37. Likes to wear summer-y outfits (e.g., tanktops, halter tops, tunics, flip-flops, skirts, etc.) even at the height of winter (I layer).

39. Don’t smoke. I don’t like the heavy smell of smoke. Went out with a smoker once, it was like kissing an ashtray. Yuck! Aussie guy smokes though, so we’ll see.

40. Drinks moderately (two glass tops). Tequila really makes me tipsy!

41. Extremely unlucky in gambling. Every time I make bets, I lose.

42. I’m definitely straight. Because I’m single and pretty, there were others who thought of me as lesbian. Weird.

43. I’m a Christian, but don’t go to church regularly anymore. I find a lot of churchgoers to be too self-righteous.

44. Can’t really diet. Food is too good to resist. But I do try to control my food intake.

45. I don’t really like to eat cakes or chocolates. They’ve never been a passion. I like apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top though.

46. I don’t really shopping per se, but if I do, I love looking out for great bargains. NT$200 for a great-looking cocktail dress!

47. Absolutely love coffee, but I keep a maximum of two cups a day. Since my parents were in the coffee business, they’ve always encouraged me to drink coffee in the morning. They’d drink about a pot a day.

48. Loves Starbucks, but too expensive for just a cup. I treat it as a luxury and a reward.

49. Basically a night person. Am more awake at night than in the morning. Of course, I love sleeping in and waking up late. Drove my dad crazy on this one.

50. I’ve always loved being part of an organization. Back in university, I was the head of a 450-person organization. Now, I’m head of a 1,800-member one (and still growing!).

51. I just love Thai food! Funny, I’ve only gotten to know them when I came to Taipei.

52. I almost always order the same thing in restaurants. I’m afraid I may regret a different choice.

53. People think it’s crazy but I love to walk around the city. It’s not just the “walk” that I like, it’s the conversation I have with whomever I’m walking with.

54. I’m like a kid a lot of times. I just love air hockey and amusement parks!

55. I hate doing the laundry, but it’s a necessary evil. If other people are willing to do them for me, I let them.


56. Quite social. I love being with people. Put me in a group of strangers, and I’ll make friends in record time. But actually, I prefer being with small group of friends (2-3), which surprises most people.

57. Pretty competitive. It’s not that I like to win; I just don’t like to fail. Dislike being challenged.

58. A worrywart. I worry about my parents, my organization, my workload, my love life, my friends… I worry about the most mundane things of life (improving on this).

59. Likes to schedule my time. My social calendar is usually filled a week before. Drives me nuts if I have nothing planned for the weekend.

60. Absolutely dislikes disorganized, inefficient people who can’t do their job well.

61. Gets irritated quickly. But the irritation and anger goes away 5 minutes after. Keeps me sane, especially when dealing with my dad.

62. Pretty proud of herself. Thinks she’s different than the “local Taiwanese” (I know, this isn’t good!).

63. Values integrity and believes in the Golden Rule. I try to be fair and sincere in all my dealings.

64. If I like you a lot, you’ll definitely know, ’cause it shows. If I don’t, only close friends will know. Will just be very courteous and polite around you.

65. Can be pretty touchy-feely. I love to hug (give and receive), kiss, cuddle, whatever! I love to show affection to the people I really, really like.

66. Doesn’t hesitate to say sorry once I realize my mistake.

67. Keeps my appointments. If I’ve scheduled my day with you, I don’t like to cancel. And it irritates me if the other person cancels on me, especially if it’s in the last minute.

68. I also hate it when people are late. I try to be on time, so it really irks me if people don’t return the favor.

69. Don’t really like the rain. If it’s raining, don’t like to get my feet wet.

70. Devoted friend. I’ll move mountains (or at least try to) for the people I care about, but I expect a lot from my friends as well.

71. I’m quite indecisive. Takes me a while to make a decision especially when there’s a lot of choices. But once I make a decision, it sticks. I can be really stubborn when necessary.

72. Changed a lot in the past months. Not willing to let other people step all over me anymore. Not willing to please people as much. Loving myself better.

73. I like to try new things. Had a lot of firsts last year β€” tried scuba diving, snorkeling, white river rafting, rock climbing at Longdong, traveling on my own, and the list goes on and on and on!

74. I abhor conflict. I usually am the mediator in an argument. I always like to keep the peace.


75. Have been said that I have a nice body. Think it’s because I take care of it. I try to exercise at least 3-4 times a week.

76. Ticklish. So don’t even try…

77. My ears and my back do the trick!

78. I attract mosquitoes like bees to honey.

79. Always had long hair. Shortest length was shoulder-length. Every time I cut my hair, I feel like crying.

80. My lips dry easily, so I always keep lip balm on hand. Drives me nuts when I was forget it.

81. My hands and feet get super cold easily.


82. First kiss at 22 years old! All of the guys I went out with have “kissable” lips.

83. Two relationships so far.

84. My exes all trust me 100 percent. Even if I went clubbing, they was never insecure. They knew that I was incapable of cheating. So trust was never an issue between me and my men.

85. I usually date guys who are taller than me. At 168 cm (5 feet 5 Β½”) myself, my guys usually clock 178 cm or more!

86. Age doesn’t matter for me. I’m more into older men it seems because I’m quite mature for my age (though people say I look 18 sometimes!)

87. Confidence really turns me on.

88. I need a guy who can keep up with my busy, active lifestyle. As I’ve said, I like sharing my life with my guy, and I don’t need a guy who stays home all the time.

89. Show me you’re intimidated or scared by me, and my interest for you drops really fast.

90. I love sharing my life with my guy. I think it’s great that someone has your back and vice-versa. So prepare yourself from a wild ride, or a busy schedule!

91. All of the guys I’ve seriously dated share one thing in common β€” they will never cheat on me. They’d break up with me first. Integrity is really important.

92. I usually end up in the gray area with my men. I’d have to work on that and starting to regain back my self-respect.

93. I love having a great conversation on the steps of CKS Memorial Hall. A dream date is to have wonderful conversation the whole night.


94. Never in my entire life would I imagine I’d end up living and working in Taiwan. God really works in mysterious ways.

95. Replaced my 5-year Nokia 6210 cellphone, because it fell on the river when we were river tracing.

96. I’m a typical Libran.

97. I have an American accent, but it’s often obvious that I’m not a native speaker because I of my mispronunciation of some words like “tortoise” or “pomegranate.

98. Half of my best friends here in Taipei are Japanese. We get together only during birthdays and celebrations. The other half are ABCs. I only have two Taiwanese best friends, both of whom were educated abroad.

99. I always sleep in a moving vehicle. My mom always reminds me not to sleep on the bus! But I still do!

100. I don’t keep track of my money. So long as I have money in the bank, I’m happy.

101. I write to my parents every weekday. If I don’t, they panic and call me up.

Making this list is NOT easy. You guys should try it… πŸ™‚

Till tomorrow!

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11 thoughts on “101 Things about Me

  1. woah, a marriage proposal eh? =p

    i try to go to church regularly but im not that self-righteous. there are times when i really find solace by going there, talking to HIM.
    i also like to live by the golden rule – believe in karma.

    seems like you’re gurl power personified…

  2. nice to know more bout u girl..im thinking of writing one bout myself..but maybe not even half as interesting as yours.. happy anniv on ur blog..=)

  3. if it’s ur blog’s anniversary u should talk about the blog then! πŸ˜€

    happy first, girl. more power and more entries.

    rock on!

  4. Hi, happy anniversary to your blog and my, that was a long list indeed! What are ABCs?

  5. ABCs = American-born Chinese πŸ™‚

    Reeyuh, haha, well, am ready to get married anyway so long as it’s the right man. Thanks for visiting!

    Malu, looking forward to reading your list! Keep me updated, I love reading your blog. More power!

    Chekwa, haha, I know! πŸ™‚ But hey, it’s not every day you can afford to be narcissistic and be forgiven cause it’s your blog’s bday! Talk to u later!

  6. Didn’t you know that your wall climbing partner had a crush on you? You feel hurt by rejection, did you ever think about how he felt after you told him you like the Aussie guy?

    Do you think your climbing partner said that because he likes you and wants you to stop considering the Aussie guy so you would consider him instead?

    Imagine the torture you are giving your climbing friend if he still has a crush on you and you go climbing with him.

    Have you ever considered your wall climbing partner? If he likes you and you like him, it might just work out.

  7. Anonymous, hmmm… for a moment, I’ve considered him. But no, we’re just friends. Romantically, we’re not compatible, and we’ll just fight all the time. So, no. Not even going there… πŸ™‚

    I just don’t go out with guys just because they like me and I’m available. I go out with guys because I like them back. As I’ve said, confidence is a turnon, and if my wallclimbing partner doesn’t really have the guts to ask me out, well then, moving on. Am sure there’ll be other guys out there who will. πŸ˜€

  8. wow! nice list there! it really looks difficult trying to list down 101 random things about yourselF!! congratulations raven! and perfaps i’ll be looking forward for 200+ random facts on your second year of blogging?

  9. I enjoyed reading your blog… it was very interesting, I couldn’t blink the entire time…lol.

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