Happy Birthday!!!

This blog is 1 years old!
Ever since I started this blog last April 1st, I’ve been surprised on how large this blog has grown.

It started off in its original site at LiveLife, but I had to move it to this current location because of some conflict with someone, who found it difficult to read stuff about her (e.g., “I’m NOT a shopaholic!” even if she shops every weekend! Doh!). Plus, my ex knew about it, and how can you b*tch and moan about your ex if he can read it everyday?!

Which is why I try to keep myself anonymous (Hence, my sincere apologies for not really posting any pics of yours truly).


It’s been a great year so far.

Save for a few exceptions, I’ve been able to write at least an entry every single weekday, and it’s been an outlet for my laughter/tears, moments of sadness and euphoria over the past 360+ days. You’ve seen me go through the ups of partying, having fun and living life to the fullest… and my slight downturn after my ex broke up with me, and I was facing the pressures of being an organization’s leader.

Oh well, you live, you learn.

I’ve also met quite a few friends via this blog, and quite a few readers who’s kind enough to link to my blog and/or leave a comment! Thanks you guys, your comments always make me feel loved.

So thanks! Am going to serve myself a cake and celebrate this blog!

C’est La Vie, you guys!

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