It’s Over?

I don’t get it…

The movie debuts at US$70.5 million cold cash (though Sharon Stone’s Basic Instict 2 didn’t even hit the US$ 4 million mark), and it was one of the senseless, stupidest movies I’ve seen!

Yes, to all animated movie lovers out there, I’m talking about Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. Feel free to lacerate and shoot me right now, but heck, I felt that I’ve wasted my hard-earned cash.

It was merely a story of traveling from one side of the valley to the other, and a mammoth who thinks she’s a possum. Not too much story there, and it was kind of an insult to my intellectual capacity to sit there and watch stupid gags unfolding.

Least to say, I didn’t enjoy it — Total waste of 2 hours.

Too bad I had to drag Aussie guy there, who not only doesn’t like movies, but also has to sit through the whole thing. 🙁

He felt awful afterwards (not because of movie, but because a night of drinking with the boys) and had to go home, leaving me to call my German friend Raimund who has been dying to have dinner with me (I’m kidding, he’s good company as well).

We had dinner at the Red Flower Teppanyaki Restaurant in Taipei 101. Good stuff! All the fish, mushroom, liver pate and sirloin steak were all tasty done, and with good reason considering each meal was around NT$2,500+ (though I prefer Ruth’s Chris if we’re paying around the same price)!

But the food was good and I enjoyed the company. Afterwards, we went to InHouse to fetch Stefan from his date (whom I surprisingly knew), and moved to Cheers Nini where was holding their Salsa Singles Night, with free lessons from 8PM to 10PM. 🙂

Of course, since we got there at around 10PM, the lessons were over and so was the party. Useless to pay for the other cover, we moved on to Barrios, where there were more salsa (Thanks Wilson for the lessons! Betcha he’s so frustrated that he won’t ever teach me again!) and MORE fun!

I was waiting… and waiting… AND waiting for the DJ to play some hiphop… which didn’t come!

So making the best of it, I just danced hiphop to salsa. 🙂

Overall… fun night!

Just a bit concerned with Aussie guy, because though he was happy to see me, I was unenthusiastic when he tried to hold my hand in public. When he tried to, I asked him with a smile, “What are you doing?”

He really caught me off-guard. I didn’t really know what to say even when he asked me if he was going too fast.

Actually, he was, but I was too tongue-tied to say it and after a while he just let my hands go, though he’s been quite affectionate all throughout our date.

Frankly, I don’t really want guys I’m not officially with to hold my hand in public places. Taipei’s a small city and I know quite a few people. When people see me holding a guy’s hands, they’ll come up with their own conclusions and think that I’m with that person. The rumor mill will churn and I’m off the market, even if I’m not.

Bottom line is, I don’t want people to unnecessarily gossip about me. 🙁

And people WILL gossip.

My life is already too complicated without the gossiping.

So just to be safe, no handholding or any form of public displays of affection in public. Thanks, but no thanks.

My friends are thinking Aussie guy won’t call anymore. He left so suddenly that I was left shell-shocked on how quickly our date ended.

If a guy is interested in you, he would prolong the date for as long as he can,” relationship guru Mike said.

With the movie, the whole date lasted 3 freaking hours.

Not good at all.

Will he call or not?

My bet is, he won’t.

What’s your bet?


My dear colleague Ian advises me to call Aussie guy if I like him that much. He wouldn’t be surprised if Aussie guy never called again.

Ian said, “Getting shot down for trying to hold your hand is a pretty brutal blow.”

I told him that though holding hands may be casual to some, for me, it wasn’t. “If people saw us, they’ll jump to conclusions. They’ll think I’m steadily dating him and we’re not even past the fourth date!”

Too public?” Ian asked, “That’s the difference between you and him. He wants to show you off. He’s proud and unconcerned about people thinking you’re dating. He wants people to know you’re dating.”

“If you won’t hold his hand in public,” Ian continues. “He thinks you’re ashamed to be seen with him… that’s the blow.”

“But if he liked me THAT much,” I asked. “How can he give up THAT easily? I don’t hold his hand and that’s it…?!”

Ian answered, “Cause if it’s that tough to hold your hand (a perfectly innocent thing in his mind), then anything else (a kiss perhaps) is going to be awkward and difficult. The trick is to compromise. Get in the moment.”

Basically, by not holding Aussie guy’s hand, I’ve embarrassed him. As Ian had said, “Not holding your hand is a bit extreme.”

Hence, he probably doesn’t want to talk/see me again.

Ian adds to the wound, “Getting rejected hurts, No matter what. That shaped the rest of the evening.”

As for me, holding hands for me is a big deal cause people know me. I don’t want the rumor mill to churn before anything is settled. People talk.

Ian sums up my problem with the following words: “That’s YOUR problem. Too much of a socialite to have a personal relationship!”

Sigh, he’s right. 🙁

Anyway, Ian suggests that I call this guy and tell him how I really felt and ask if we should give it a another go… the thing is, should I do it or not? I’m so indecisive that I still don’t know what to do!

And if I call him, I also risk being rejected.

Now, THAT’s a blow.
To tell you how small Taipei is, yesterday, I had brunch at Carnegies and saw three people I knew! Heck, if I was on a date, people would just talk.

Note to self: Don’t bring a date to Carnegies.

It’s been a relaxing weekend though. On Friday, I had a nice dinner and walk at the park. And Saturday was brunch at Herbs, along with a movie with Aussie guy and a nice teppanyaki dinner afterwards. Sunday was Carnegies brunch and then walking around the city to prepare for an upcoming scavenger hunt. Then, wallclimbing at Y17 in the evening.

Ah, really relaxing.

Don’t know how this week will turnout though… we’ll see…

Will I have the guts to even call up Aussie guy? Or should I wait for him to call me?

Your thoughts?!

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