Happy monthsary!

On my last relationship, the first few months was bumpy.

Without any reason at all, I was constantly frustrated and picked a fight the night before one of us would fly to each other. Consequently, our dates weren’t usually off to a good start.

I can partly blame these episodes to me being a spoiled self-entitled brat.  But I think that when you’re in the wrong relationship, it’s just a little bit harder to be together.

Since you are less compatible, your ideas don’t mesh. You don’t understand why he would ever say or do such a thing, and try as you may understand him, there’s still a limit as to how far love can bring you before the relationship self-implodes.

Or, for example, you love him but <<insert a non-negotiable here>>.

That non-negotiable could be anything. It can be as serious as a difference in religion or race, or one’s mindset in having children. Or as feeble of an excuse as his manners. Usually, these non-negotiables are things that the person we love cannot change. A short man cannot be tall. A dumb woman cannot be expected to get a masteral degree.

But it bothers us just the same.

It’s these what bothers us a little when we first get together that destroys us in the end.

Regardless with current boyfriend, eight months went by quite fast.

Despite the many ups and downs going on with my life, he has so far been a constant. This is surprising since I’ve experienced the unexpected death of my father, the tumultuous aftermath and a sort-off falling out with my brother. We also had to do a car show together, which went relatively smoothly given the circumstance.

Here’s to us, boyfie. Happy monthsary!


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