Raven Dumbfounded

My life is crumbling as we speak.

Okay, this is an exaggeration but as I’ve mentioned before, I lead a social organization in Taipei and my predecessor whom I managed to convince to remain active in the organization sent me this email, saying that he wants to start transitioning out of organization because he has other plans starting mid-year. Here’s an excerpt:

“In May, I may be out of town potentially for 3 weeks, so you should plan without me. I sent you the stuff for the retreat. I can talk to you about it sometime after I return so you can run it. Also, I need to start transitioning out of (organization name). This is something I told you I wanted to do mid-last year, but I have held on until now. I’ll talk to you about that more when I get back. Basically, you have done a great job of leading and creating the new identity of (organization name), so you really don’t need me anymore.”

Ever since I started leading this organization, this guy has been my voice of reason, keeping the organization afloat and stopped me from making some irrational/potentially dangerous decisions. He’s been my pillar of strength… but I know he needs to move on to the next phase of his life.

It saddens me… he will definitely be missed. πŸ™

My organization’s webmaster, who is also acting as my right-hand man, is also thinking of retiring. He may be offered a high-paying job in Hong Kong and may relocate there. Not only will I miss him professionally (he’s been a lot of help and a source of positive energy in the organization), but as one of my best friends in Taiwan (we have a semi love-hate relationship… long story), I will miss his company, smile and comfort.

Bella, another important officer in the organization, is getting busier with her career, and is thinking of just accepting a member role. Her contributions are definitely priceless and she’s one of the most responsible members of the lot.

Sigh, an organization is as good as its leaders and most of my good people are leaving, be it for professional or personal reasons.

I myself have thought about leaving, mainly because I’ve reached that peak, organizing over 35 events in merely 9 months, almost doubling the membership and increased funds by 67%.

But I can’t leave without leaving a good foundation behind. We’ve worked so hard to build it up, we need new leaders to continue handling the torch.

If these three people leave, I’d have to stay behind and ensure the continuity of the organization and bring new blood in before leaving myself.

The saddest part is, if they leave, I won’t see them as often… and that is definitely a pity. They definitely count as one of my closest friends in Taipei. πŸ™

Don’t you hate it when people answer their phones during a meeting?

It seems that its acceptable in Taiwan corporations to answer your phones and say in a muffled voice, “Hey, I’ll call you back… I’m in a meeting…” in the MIDDLE of a meeting.

I think it’s rude.

It’s especially rude when the person heading the meeting answers the phone and talks to the person on the other line for a few minutes while we, are waiting!!! πŸ™

They don’t even turn their phones off to silent mode! The phone just rings… and rings… and rings!

Drives us foreigners crazy but it’s acceptable to the Taiwanese.

*roll eyes*

Oh well, learn the good… leave the bad.
Email exchange this morning between Aussie guy and Raven:

Aussie guy: “Morning… nice sleep last night? You miss me? :)”

Raven: “Wrong question Aussie guy. The right question is, ‘Did YOU (yes, you) miss me?'”

*Okay, so I think I was in a flirting mood…*

Aussie guy: “Of course I do….”

*Raven thinks “Guys are just full of Bull… if you missed me that much, why didn’t you even contact me last night!”*

Raven: “Liar, liar… pants on fire. :-)”

*Ha! Let’s see him respond to that! :-D*

Aussie guy: “I don’t lie about that sort of stuff….


So how do you respond to THAT?! πŸ™

I wonder where this relationship is going…

Till tomorrow!

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