A New Romantic Beginning?

Okay, so date/hangout #3 with Aussie guy went well.

We had dinner at Alleycats (where I unknowingly bumped into two acquaintances… there goes my sense of privacy) and afterwards, had mango ice at Ice Monster.

It went pretty well, but then again, I’ve never had an awful date/hangout in my entire life.

We talked about his recent weekend trip to Manila, where he and his rugby mates from Singapore/Hongkong experienced a week of fun, rugby and too much debauchery, but of course, had no proof of since it was an all-guys thing…

We talked about his new-found appreciation for Taiwan, and that he felt bad on the social conditions back home.

We talked about his epiphany to change his life for the better, meaning less nights of drinking with the boys and getting drunk while watching rugby, less smoking (yes, I just found out he smoked), and being more open to developing friendships/relationships in Taiwan, regardless of it being a temporary thing since Taiwan is merely a transitory place.

He was a little bit miffed that I’ve also been standoffish with him, only giving 1-2 word texts/emails these past couple of days. He thought I was playing a game and how can a nice and talkative girl like me can respond so succintly. He thought I was quite pissed at him, and the fact that he almost forgot to buy dried mangoes for me and had to buy them at the airport for US$21 a bag!

On boring news, we also talked about the CFA exam in June and what it takes to pass the exam. We also talked about household chores and how I’m hopeless when doing the laundry and his desire to find a full-time Filipina maid.

He likes to make biting comments, to which I always give him a look.

Hmmm… what else?

He had an early 10:30PM curfew so we said goodbye at the intersection near my house.

Call me stupid, but I don’t think this guy just wants to hang out.

How do I know this?

Because when I got back home, I sent him a text thanking him for the mangoes to which he replied, “You’re very much welcome. Sorry if I was too aggressive with the kiss. I hope I did not offend. Hope to see you this weekend if you’re free.”

And am like, “What kiss?”

It was more like a beso-beso thing, similar to what the French do, kissing on both sides of the cheek. We’ve done this ever since we’ve met.

Upon further reflection, I’m like, “OMG, What kiss?!”

Okay, I know some readers want to slap me now for thinking too much, but that got my head spinning and I started freaking out.

If he thought the kiss was something, enough for him to mention it, heck, I don’t think he wants to be friends.

Hence, are we dating right now…?

Heck, I’ve always been more comfortable thinking a guy and I are just hanging out… so putting in the romantic element just takes me out of the comfort zone.

And if so, oh my gosh, when will he expect something more? My guy friend said he would expect something till the 5th date, until which he just gives up. If we are indeed dating then, is it possible that Aussie guy may have some expectation of romantic affection?

Oh my, I am SO not ready for it yet.

I’d like to take it slow, getting to know him better before introducing any form of physical affection.

I don’t want to make the mistakes like last time when I thought everything was “perfect,” and I took the plunge unbeknownst that th eguy wasn’t really ready yet and was just swept in the motions.

I’d like to be more cautious this time and protect my heart until I know both of us are ready to make such a commitment. I don’t want the guy to just be swept by the moment, then change their minds after thinking further about it, leaving my heart in teeny-tiny pieces.

Been there, done that… hurts like hell.

Besides, am not really sure how interested I am yet, or how much I know this guy. That’s why I want to take it slow and give it time.

Karen said, “Relax Raven, when people go out one on one, it’s a date. But you don’t have to face the music unless he asks you. Just enjoy and take it one date at a time.

Argh, if Mike was talking to me right now, he’d have a ball! He always loves it when I start a new romance because I think so much and I start panicking!

Breathe Raven… breathe…

Regardless, one good thing about this is that fo the first time, I’m starting to discover that I do have options. To hell with the ex, I’m one hot tamale and on demand!


Okay, so I’m way over my head. :o)

Kidding aside, it just means that there are new possibilities out there. And a few are staring at me at the face (a German guy who is interested in me has just arrived Taipei yesterday), and I know I have options. No more pining over the ex, but instead, look forward and moving on.

It’s a great feeling going home and just savoring the moment, not thinking fondly about the ex one bit.

Great feeling indeed…

So this is what moving on feels like… 🙂

Aside from this though, let’s see how things with Aussie guy go and we’ll know by our 4th date, if ever we do meet up.

I’m a little bit apprehensive on where this is going, but heck, that’s what dating is for… it’s about discovering more about yourself and the other person and getting your heart ready for a wild adventure!

C’est La Vie!

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8 thoughts on “A New Romantic Beginning?

  1. you’re over-thinking it.

    just let things happen and enjoy the ride. if, at any point, you’re not comfortable, then get off the ride.

    thinking too much takes away the fun.

  2. MOW, thanks for that. I know… I know.. I’d just have to remind myself to just relax and enjoy the ride!!!

  3. RAVEN YOU TRANNY.. are you emo? cause you are named after a bird, you ugly shit.. FUCk youuu.

  4. Noshirthetranny, thanks for visiting my blog and at least leaving a comment. I’ve checked out your blog, nothing really impressive ‘cept tons of narcissistic praise on how good looking you are and how you’re proud to offend everyone around you. Good job.

    Well, if these sort of comments get you hits… to each their own.

  5. Omg. Referring to noshirthetranny: YOU ARE SUCH A LOOOSER. Stop spamming innocent people like Raven.

    To Raven: very sorry you had to be hit with the internet crime of knowing such a pitifully low fellow.

    visit my blog 🙂 izzietheinternetbugwriter.blogspot.com

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