Partying Up a Storm!

Went indoor wallclimbing last night at the YMCA-managed Shipai gym and it was so much fun. We usually go wallclimbing at Y17, somewhere near Ren-Ai Road, but decided to try this one out instead “for a change.”

Shipai is a bit far from downtown Taipei, hence there were less people. However, we managed to get all the workout we need, and were happy.

Afterwards, we headed towards the Brass Monkey for a good reward of dancing. Thursday is the Brass Monkey’s Ladies Nite and delicious cocktails were on the house till midnight.

It was super cool.

Not only did I accidently bump to my cute-and-friendly Filipino kababayan Chester, and his mates (it was funnily his birthday), but I’ve also managed to see my party girlpal, Yulia, who taught me the mysterious art of flirting with subtlety.

It’s all in the eyes,” she said as she demonstrated.

That generated a lot of laughs from me.

Of course, she also taught me how to turn away undesirable men.

You just show them the finger and tell them to f*ck off,” she declared with a wink. “They’ll get the hint.

Yes Ma’am!

I’ll try to remember that in the future.

After two consecutive nights of partying and dancing (attended Mike’s party at Carnegie’s on Wednesday — also Ladies Night), I was pooped but pumped up at the same time.

One thing for sure though, I have to go easy on the alcohol.

I get really flirty when I drink — a dangerous position to be in especially when you’re surrounded by not-so-close pals.

Besides, which guy will ever say “no” to a willing woman?


It’s going to be pretty busy for me, my schedule’s booked again till next week. Especially with the Gala that’s coming up in three weeks, things are heating up!

Damn, where did all the time go?!

I’ve already posted earlier that my organization’s going to have a Holiday Gala at the end of the month. It’s going to be at the Sheraton (ballroom picture on the right). Everyone’s getting excited about it. And why not? Not only does it include a delicious eat-all-you-can turkey buffet dinner, but it will also consist of a free entrance to Sheraton’s newly-renovated ballroom, FUZE, where a live band and DJ will generate cool music for us to dance all night.

We’ve already sold more than half of the tickets, so we’re well on our way. If anyone lives in Taiwan and wants to go, do tell me! It’s going to be so much fun!


Life has been such a soap opera lately.

The only thing I’m thankful about is it has no relation to my life at all.

It made me realize something…

People are silly.

We always want what we cannot have.

But once we have it, we don’t treasure it, get cold feet and want out.

A young girl-pal of I just started dating another male acquaintance a week ago.

Exactly one week later, she’s freaking out because he’s too nice to her.

She said that she doesn’t want him to contact her every single day via phone, MSN or email!

She wants her “space,” and wants him to back off — and this is just while they’re starting to date! Yesterday, she was thinking of being single again!

Haha, most women would be flattered if the man showers her with attention.

I gently reminded her that every guy is nice at the beginning of the relationship so she should take everything in a grain of salt, as well as to take her time.

*shakes head*


Unfortunately, they get scared if they shower her with too much attention… an example of which what happened to my girlfriend, whose feelings for a guy turned 180 degrees after he sent her flowers to the office while they were beginning to date.

She cites that she wasn’t interested in him in the first place.


I knew she was interested.

But her feelings just turned around after she knew she “got” him.

Geez, I know now why men think women are so complicated.

Okay, gotta work now. Busy day ahead! Have a great weekend!

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