"Socializing" Queen

This weekend was as busy, yet was as relaxing as ever. I’ve done so much socializing my head would burst, and yet, I feel happy on how my weekend went.


Friday was taking part of the Canadian Society’s Social Hour at the Brass Monkey. Some friends and I went there to promote our organization’s Holiday gala, and I had the great luck of meeting some really nice Canadians there. Worth to mention was Tarryn and Jeremy, both young English teachers, whose genuine warmth and enthusiasm blew my mind away. It’s really rare to see such lovely people here with no ulterior motives and like you just the way you are.

Members of the Canadian Society were on a much older, more affluent demographics. Hence, I’ve again realized something — no matter who you deal with, confidence is key.

If you’re nervous and insecure, people can see right through it and will wave you away.

But if you let your confidence shine, you will gain people’s respect.

Without confidence, you are nothing.

You may be the brightest or prettiest of all men (or women), but people will just wave you away because you do not believe in yourself.

So no matter where you are, no matter what you do… confidence is very, very important.

Afterwards, we headed towards Bed II to meet up with other friends.

Bed II is located near Anhe Road (near Champagne II — what’s up with the “II” names? Can’t they be more original?!) and does not have beds.

They do however have a slight Middle Eastern flair, and people go there for drinks and enjoy a flavored Jordanian smoke.

It was really fun. My friends kept on teasing me of my inability to hold in a smoke. Meanwhile, it’s just nice to just let your hair down in the company of good friends. 🙂



On Saturday, went to Danshui to check out details for our upcoming bike riding activity next Saturday. It took us around 40 minutes by MRT to get there, but it was a trip well-worth it. Aside from buying some cool sunglasses and eating Danshui’s famous treats, we headed down to Bali by boat to check out bicycle rates and routes.

There’s just something about Danshui that’s dear to my heart. Even though the water’s dirty, there’s just something romantic about being near the water that brings me back. 🙂

Afterwards, I met up with my Japanese friends and get this — got my hair cut!

My long hair has always been my pride and joy. I love letting it hang loose and long.

Hence, you may understand how nervous I was getting my hair cut. Every time I cut my hair, I am never too happy with the results.

They always cut it too short.

However, because this hair stylist was recommended by my good Japanese friend and yes, my hairdo deserves an update, I decided to brave it and have my hair cut.

The result — they AGAIN cut it too short. 🙁

But it’s a different change, so I never look back. 🙂

No regrets.

Afterwards, I dragged my Japanese friends and headed down to Mark’s place where he was having a party (again!). The party was pretty mellow but I had a super enjoyable time, mingling with close friends and eating some fattening fried chicken and pizza.

Then, I headed down to FUZE, Sheraton’s newly-opened dance club where I got to enjoy music and danced the night away.



To be continued…

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