After the breakup…

A few weeks ago, I had a dinner with my guy friend who had finally toughed it out and broke up with his girlfriend. He has read my blog, and was irked to see his story online, especially since people are starting to read and comment on some of the entries.

Of course, he didn’t want people to think he’s a bad guy who mistreats his girlfriend.

What if one day, some of your readers become your friend and they’ll meet me?!” he practically screamed. “They’ll probably think I’m an asshole or something! Of course, they won’t say it out loud, but they’ll think that I’m the guy who doesn’t want to breakup with his girlfriend because he wants to keep the plates!”

He made such a big deal out of it, and my mention of him wanting her plates that I felt a bit guilty.

Just a bit. I still think his story is a hilarious by the way.

But then, as I looked through the entry again, I had noticed that I didn’t mention any names. Haha, he’s being defensive. Regardless, I would like to publicly apologize to him for using his juicy story as an entry to my blog.

He kept the plates by the way.


What happens after a guy breaks up with his girlfriend?

He’s on a prowl… on to the next conquest.

He just wants a hole to put his pole into.

Any hole would do. 😀

But it’s a plus if the girl’s attractive.

If not, he should at least be shit-drunk before doing anything.

Hence, my guy friend invited me to go clubbing last weekend. I would’ve loved to come, but I went to Hong Kong.

Clubbing… or Hong Kong…

Hell, give me Hong Kong anytime!

You’re starting to become domesticated,” groaned my guy friend. “Ever since you had a boyfriend, you don’t go partying anymore!”

He then accuses me of being a hypocrite.

Unconsciously, you go clubbing because you want to find the next guy,” he says. “At least, I admit I’m finding the next lay. But you? You’re all high and mighty saying you’re only there to have some fun with friends… but actually, you want to find the next guy.”

*roll eyes*

Ummm… I don’t think so.

Guys you meet in clubs are usually jerks. And I don’t want jerks.

But he’s right though. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone clubbing. Maybe it’s because Karen’s away for a month-long vacation in Morroco and Greece. She came back last week though. We’ll see if my clubbing activity increases in the future.

I often joke that she’s my “bad” influence.

She just laughs.

It’s funny.

I usually end up being friends with my guy friends’ girlfriends.

Haha, when I first meet them, they often look at me with suspicion.

It’s like, “Who is this woman that is so close to my boyfriend?!

Honey, if I wanted your boyfriend, we could’ve got it on a looooong time ago. The fact that you’re with him now shows that your boyfriend and I aren’t meant to be.

After a period of suspicion, they start warming up to me. They realize that I’m no threat in their territory, and we start becoming friends.

Sometimes, I become so close to my guy friends’ girlfriends, it’s creepy. Some of my guy friends find it weird that I can be close to their girlfriend.

The sad part happens when they break up.

Result: Guy and girl don’t talk anymore. But of course, having created a connection earlier, I still keep in touch with their ex-girlfriend.

Boy, all I can say is, staying neutral is not easy.

You have to know when to shut up, and when to talk. Regardless, you have to be careful on what you say because for sure, one party would be complaining about the other, and vice-versa.

Diplomacy is definitely the key if you want to be friends with both.

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