Remembering what’s important…

I was talking to Angela the other day about having doubts.

And I thank her for reminding me on what is really important in a relationship.

“It’s normal to have doubts,” I defended myself.

Angela explained that when you spend so much time with a person, sooner or later, you will run out of things to say.

Some days, you will talk about meaningless topics… some days will be quite boring.

Nevertheless, at this point, it’s not really important what you guys do together…instead, what is important is that that person is with you.

And both of you are sharing your lives together.

For example, she and her significant other spent the weekend painting an old house. Now, if you know Angela, you’ll realize that this girl’s idea of fun doesn’t really include painting an old house.

As she had mentioned, it was really hot in that old house.

There was no airconditioning, lots of mosquitoes, the house was big and they couldn’t really talk to each other since it echoed.

“But at least, I got to spend time with him,” she simply said.

Great point, Angela.

Great point.

I find this to be actually realistic.

Although I’m having a grand time with my man having expensive dinners, going out of town, and doing all these fun activities, I know all of these won’t last.

It’s nice to do these from time to time, but it can get freaking expensive once you add all the expenses up.

I’m aware that one day, our days will be spent just lounging at home and simply watching a DVD.

There’s no expensive dinners, save for a Subway takeout… and time passes by slowly.

But you know what? That’s fine.

Because I’m with him.

And that’s what really matters.
Just got back from the river rafting trip!

Now, that was some wild ride!

My muscles are sore, but it was truly an experience!

There were 41 of us who came on the trip, and it was really nice getting to know new friends. Great thing is, everything went very, very smoothly.


And despite everyone’s concern about the typhoon, the weather turned out to be really great!

Cloudy skies on Saturday, and clear sunny skies on Sunday!

The river was quite muddy due to the typhoon (have to wash my bikini several times to get all the muddy specks out), but the whole experience was spectacular. I actually feel bad to those people who backed out because of the typhoon — they don’t know what they just missed!

There were 8 of us in each boat, and everyone was trying to row very hard. The rapids, of course, were my favorite. 🙂

All throughout Thursday and Friday, we have been constantly monitoring weather reports for some improvements on the typhoon. But come this weekend, we had nothing to worry about. The weather was beautiful!

Haha, it’s funny how things work out.

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