Some good advice…

A close girl-friend and I were talking about my guy a few weeks before.

I have mentioned to her that it was difficult for my guy and I to enter into a relationship because he’s planning to relocate to Hong Kong. He’s planning to start a new business based in China.

She then asked me if I would move to Hong Kong with him.

I laughed.

For one, our relationship, no matter how good it is right now, is still in its infancy stage. We’ve been going out for less than two months. Official for almost a month.

And secondly, he hasn’t asked me.

I then asked her that hypothetically, if the guy she’s seeing moves to the States for good next month, would she consider moving there with him…

Surprisingly, she said yes.

*eyebrows rise up in surprise*

They’ve only been steadily dating a bit over two months. You can say, their relationship is also at its infancy stages.

She then said it was not because she loves him that much already… but rather, it was because they are already in a committed relationship. And it is his and her responsibility (and obligation) to make things work.

*I clap my hands in agreement*

I sincerely thought that was a smart way to look at it…

If moving there is better for him,” she explains. “And it’s not the worst thing for me… then I will move with him…”

“But basically, my thinking is,” she continues. “Once you’re in a committed relationship, you need to do your best to make everything work. Hence, if you cannot move with him… then you are still going to try to visit him… and call him or even write him very often to make the relationship work…”

Wise words from her… she surely gave me a lot of things to think about.

And I’ll cross the bridge when I get there…

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7 thoughts on “Some good advice…

  1. Algol, regardless, does going all the way really do matter? Anyway, it’s their business. Whether or not they’re doing it is none of mine. I just feel that it’s great that they’re making their relationship a priority. 🙂

  2. Yes, it is their business.
    I am just stating what I think because something has been raised.
    Something must have been consummated in order for them to arrive at a “committed relationship”

    Well, none of my business. Just testing the acuity of my senses.

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