My Stand on Jealousy

It’s true what they say, “If you really love someone… set him free. If he doesn’t come back, then he wasn’t really yours in the first place.”

Last week, we went for KTV.

And during the KTV, this guy I’m seeing hitched a ride with another friend.

A female friend, to be exact.

While I got stuck taking a cab there… grrrr…

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.

Regardless of the fact that he’s already indicated his non-interest with this woman, it still doesn’t change the fact that she is a beautiful woman. And you know how men fall prey to the charms of beautiful women.

Charming too.

But after a few minutes, I’ve realized that jealousy isn’t particularly helpful.

Being jealous will not help the relationship in any way… except in destroying it.

There will always be women who are “better” than me… more beautiful, smarter, taller, cuter, more outgoing, etc.

It’s so easy to ask the wrong question — How can I ever compete?

The right question should actually be — WHY should I even compete?

You see, my being jealous will never stop a guy from being interested in another woman.

If he likes her, he likes her.

If he wants to chase after her, he will… regardless on whether you’re jealous or not.

Being jealous and sulking about it will not make him stay.

Besides, if he’s so easily swayed by another woman’s charms, why would you want him in the first place?!

Dump him and move on. You’ll find someone better.

Do you get my point?

So when he and the woman arrived at the KTV, I was busy singing a sexy song and simply enjoying myself.

At one point, he asked if I was jealous. Geez, was that a test?

But then, I told him, “No,” and continued singing.


If he wants another woman, be my guest.

I believe that I’m already such a catch. I may not be the prettiest, sexiest, smartest woman in the whole of Taiwan, but then, I have so much going on in my life. I’m a sincere person with great personality. Any guy would be lucky to have me.

And if he cannot realize that, that’s okay.

It’s not my loss.

That’s what I’m doing, letting go a bit and setting him free to do what I want.


I understand why women are very territorial and try to keep their men away from clubs and friendships with other women.

I mean, you can’t imagine how bitchy women can be towards other women.

You can hear them growling, I swear.

Especially here in Taipei, it’s almost hilarious how women would call their men at least 3 to 4 times a day, trying to “check up” and see what they’re doing.

It’s kinda sad, in a way.

Imagine their conversation:

Conversation 1: At 10:30AM

Ring… ring…
Man: Hello?
Woman: Hello honey. What are you doing?
Man: Working.
Woman: Oh. What are you working at?
Man: Oh, a project of mine.
Woman: Oh, well, have fun.
Man: Bye.
Woman: Bye. Love you.
Man: Sigh, love you too.

*roll eyes*

Geez, what do you expect your man to do at 10:30AM on a weekday?! Frolick on the beach with another woman! ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS?! OF COURSE HE’S WORKING!


All right, here’s another common one…

Conversation 2: At noon

Ring… ring…
Man: Hello?
Woman: What are you eating?
Man: Chicken. You?
Woman: Some noodles. Who are you eating with?
Man: My colleagues.
Woman: Any women?
Man: Oh, only Carla.
Woman: Carla?
Man: Sigh, yes, she’s one of our teammates.

*roll eyes*

At lunch, what else can you talk about but food?! So boring…

Oh and expect a long conversation on who Carla is, what she looks like, what does she do and what does the man think about Carla when he meets up with his girlfriend later…

Here’s another one…

Conversation 3: Around 6PM

Ring… ring…
Man: Hello?
Woman: Where are you now?
Man: I’m now riding the bus…
Woman: Oh good. Who are you sitting with?
Man: Just my colleagues.
Woman: Carla?
Man: Sigh, no Robert.
Woman: Where’s Carla?
Man: Sigh, she takes the earlier bus…

My man, expect a lot of conversation about Carla in the near future! Betcha the volume doubles after she finds out that Carla’s not really bad looking!

Geez. And to top it all, this guy and his girlfriend will be meeting up later that night!

Women would say she’s calling because she cares.

I personally think it’s because she wants to make sure that the guy isn’t doing anything wrong. She wants to ensure that the guy knows that she’s checking up on him all the time, so he won’t dare to do anything stupid.

But my gosh girl! Surely, your calls must have limits!


No checking up on him will stop him from doing so!

Besides, you look like the clingy, overprotective, controlling girlfriend that you are!

Sigh, jealousy is a very easy emotion to have.

Everyone can get jealous.

It’s really a sign of insecurity.

You’re jealous because you think you’re not good enough for your man, and so, like to keep tabs on him 24/7 so he won’t escape your clutches.

On the other hand, being confident about yourself, and maintaining a positive attitude is difficult.

It takes a special type of woman to realize her own value and isn’t afraid to show it.

But that’s what keeps a guy interested. Actually, it’s not you who should be jealous. He should be the one.

There will always better women out there.

But there’s only one unique YOU.

And if he can’t appreciate that, there are other guys out there who can.

Still jealous now? How jealous do you get?

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  1. I agree with you on all these pa-cute-cute “i-care” kuno kinda girls. And those “conversation” scenarios 1,2 and 3 you thought of??? I think they’re hilarious!!!

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