Some Thoughts About Women…

Sorry to lambaste my own sex, but I really have to say what I feel.

Women can be reeeeally b*tchy.

Trust me, we can be.

It can be equally funny watching women being b*tchy as well.

I remember when I went to this year’s Computex, the world’s second-largest IT trade show. Because I work in the industry, I was walking around painfully in my high heels (I know, stupid mistake! But they looked good!) asking industry experts questions about new technologies.

And surprise, surprise…

The women never really gave me the time of day…

While the men were oh-so particularly helpful.

It’s kinda funny. I was wearing this ladylike silk skirt and heels. Everytime I’d go to a booth, the women would look at me up and down, and then turn up their noses. As for the guys, most would sit down with me and patiently explain how something work. They were really nice.

I’ve come to realize how b*tchy women can be.

It’s difficult for women to be extra nice to other women, especially when meeting them for the first time (same goes with men to men). That’s why, in social gatherings, you’d mostly see a man and woman animatedly talking… If you see a woman and a woman talking, they probably knew each other before, or they came to the party together.


Oh, you should see women’s reactions when they think you’re stepping in their territory.

Ahem, did I say territory? Well, it is since they consider their boyfriends/significant others their territory. Or if they’re single, the more women there are in a room, the more competition for the men’s attention.

Come a bit close, and growl… they’ll snap back at ya.

Yesterday, a couple of friends from the organization I serve in, started organizing an overnight event to Yilan. There seems to be a rock concert there on the 22nd. Of course, in order to keep the “male/female ratio” equal, they invited my good guy friend — and didn’t really invite me.

Of course, I was hurt.

It always hurt not to be invited…

And mind you, it’s not because they didn’t like me, because they did. It was because they wanted more women than men in the group.

Maybe they were guy-hunting… hmmm…

*scratches head and thinking*

Anyway, of course, my guy friend immediately told me about it. And when he found out there was a limit of inviting only males to the event, he made arrangements to open up the party so I can go.

It worked. But it still hurt.

Am not saying that these women are b*tchy. They’re quite sweet. But why didn’t they want to invite me? Was it because I posed some competition for the group?

All I can think of is, they’re just protecting their “territory.”

If I didn’t go, they’ll be able to bask in men’s attention. But if I go, part of the spotlight will be on me.

Sounds arrogant? Not really. Even my guy friend highly suspects that these women are guy hunting. Maybe I’m destroying their chances?


Last night, grabbed some drinks at Fifi. The ratio was 5 women (including me) and 1 guy.

Very unbalanced.

Interesting to say, the three women launched into a fast discussion in Chinese, all but ignoring me. The other, was late, so she didn’t count.

Anyway, that was rude.

But then again, who cares?

You’re not really bothered that much if you don’t really care about the people who slight you.

It wasn’t a pretty boring night though. My guy friend and I shared some nice conversation. Thank God for him. Otherwise, I would’ve been bored to death.

Lesson: Life’s more interesting with more men, than with more women around (unless they’re your old friends).


This morning, I had the luck of sitting beside this woman-who-didn’t-smile in the bus.

When a woman smiles, no matter how unattractive she may originally be, she just shines…

But when a woman frowns, god. She’s uuuuuuuuugly.

It was funny. She was kind of irritated in something I’ve seem to have done. Maybe a bag that I put beside me. So she said something rude in Chinese.

Hmph. I don’t care. I merely turned my iPod Shuffle out loud.

Gosh, am turning into a b*tch.

Oh well, gotta block out the negative influences if you want to keep sane in this world.

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5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts About Women…

  1. Hello Raven! I guess that at the Trade Show, the others ladies looked at you as competition, though it shouldn’t be the case because the event they were in is supposed to be hospitable territory.

    And yes, I agree that speaking in a foreign language when you are with other people who won’t understand you is definitely rude.

    Friendliness beween strangers is also rare with men actually. But chances of greeting somebody you don’t know is higher when a generous amount of alcohol has been taken in 🙂

    Dropped by from Pinoyblog. Nice post!

  2. Watson, thanks for ur insightful comments and for dropping by. Hope u can visit quite often. Yeah, ladies are quite competitive. U can see blood dripping from their claws. I kinda understand though. Especially when you reach 28, you get a bit desperate. And there are few eligible men in Taipei.

    Yes, I agree… alcohol is good! In moderation of course. Unfortunately, most of my friends just drift off to sleep when drunk. Not fun. But between that time and being tipsy, loads of fun!

  3. hey there raven. you seem to be reading my mind lately. you a mind reader or something?

    anyway yeah women tend to compete with each other most of the time. even between friends. and it is sad the way things are going with me and this friend of mine. excuse the term ‘attention whores’–girls like that hate it when you get even a little attention. and i didn’t know i was stealing some of the lime light. clueless me. haha. so would you still call that friend a friend?

    just venting. 🙂

  4. If its already hard for a women to approach a women. How harder do you think it is for a guy to approach them? VERY HARD!!! Unless, of course, they are guy hunting.

    I don’t know, if you notice this though. Usually a guy alone is blind to a woman, unless he’s drop dead hansome. BUT. . . if said guy is surrounded by a bunch of women like his friends. All of a sudden, lots of women wants to approach and meet him.

    You competitive creature, LOL.

  5. EventuallyPretty, yes, I’d call them friends… but there are many different levels of friendship. Be super wary of this “friend” then. She may be out to get you…

    Paoyu, funny you’ve mentioned it but that’s true… if a guy is surrounded by females, other women would like to flock to him. I think in the US, other guys use this “strategy” to pick up women. Maybe it’s the challenge? Hmmm…

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