Don’t you just hate it when…

* You just missed your bus by a few seconds and see it driving away?

* The elevator stops at every single floor… and your office is at the 25th?

* The taxi driver is lost, and charges you for his incompetence?

* Guys blatantly stare at your boobs?

* You plan to go to the beach… only to find that a typhoon has arrived that same day?

* People forget to put their cellphones in silent mode when watching a movie/show?

* Your crush calls you… only to ask for your girl-friend’s number?

* You do the deed in a public bathroom… and find out you’re out of tissue paper?

* You go to a restaurant especially to eat a specific dish… only to find out that they just ran out of stock?

* In a meeting, someone’s cellphone rings and he/she answers the phone in a whisper, “Hello? Am in a meeting? What?” SHUT THE F*CKING PHONE DAMNIT! That’s just rude!!!

* Guys are late (am a girl, so guys should at least be on time and not keep the lady waiting!)?

* You go to the airport all packed up and ready to go… and find out you brought your old expired passport? This really happened to me btw.

* You’re dressed to the nines and wearing high-class heels… and it rains… hard?

* Every single bus in town EXCEPT for the bus you need arrives?

* Your wireless Internet suddenly doesn’t work?

* You make an appointment to have brunch/lunch/dinner with a friend… and they cancel 30 minutes beforehand… when you’re already on the way there?

* The guy you like… just thinks of you as a friend?

* There are no taxis when you’re late?

* You’re pissed at your boss… and you can’t scream and shout cause that would cost you your job?

* Your waiter’s rude and you still have to pay the service fee?

* People don’t immediately reply to your MSN messages?

* Your cellphone battery suddenly dies… and you need to make an important call (or are expecting an important call)?

* Your cellphone accidentally falls into the river?

* Your best friends go back to their home countries? Most of my friends are foreigners.

* The cutest men you meet… are gay?

* Your friends disappear after they find a significant other?

* You’re always the friend… never the girlfriend?

* Your “friend” invites everyone but you to his/her birthday party (he/she said he/she forgot)?

* After working on a document for an hour, your PC hangs… and you have to reboot — without the chance to save anything?

* The guy is interested in you… but is not ready for a relationship? Ano? Kissing buddies ba?

* The most interesting guys you meet… move away?

How about you? What do you hate? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate it when…

  1. nothing wrong with kissing buddies, imho. as long as it’s clear to both parties that such is the nature of the relationship.

    speaking from a guy’s perspective, open communication is a must so the rule about being late is, i think, too much. as long as the guy tells you that he’ll be late, it should be ok.


  2. Thanks for ur input MOW. But the thing is, though both parties are clear, you’re plkaying with fire here. After a while, someone’s gotta get hurt. 🙂

    I’m okay if the guy tells me he’ll be late. What I don’t like is when a guy is late, and calls u up when you’re already there waiting.

  3. i hate waiting.period. *lol*

    other things i hate — wearing nice shoes or pants then it rains. or watching a nice program on TV then my mom calls right in the middle. talk about timing hehe…

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