What makes a player, a player?

I’ve earlier written about my conversation with Michael about jerks. Now, our topic moved on to “players” which is a whole different category.

What makes a player, a player?

For me, a player is someone who makes the girl like him, without the intention of even taking her seriously. Simultaneously dating several women is also a symptom of being a player. If you think he’s a player, feel he’s a player, chances are, he’s a player.

Wrong,” declared Michael.

I raised an eyebrow. What’s the matter with that?

He patiently explains, if you feel that he’s a player, then he’s a bad player. A good player will never let you on that he’s a player. Why? Because he’s played women so many times that he already knows what are the lines to use, the moves to make, and the clothes to wear to “get” the woman.

A certified player would be so used to playing women that he gets so good at it. They’re so experienced that women won’t even know what hit them.

It’s when the woman can feel that the guy’s a player, is when that guy’s not really a player — because he doesn’t know what to do. He screws up his lines, laughs too hard, or moves too slowly or quickly. He can play, but he can’t play well. That’s why you caught on his act.

Hmmm… that’s something to think about. It does make sense.

I would like to think you don’t feel that he’s a player because everything’s so natural, that you have a connection. My guy friend gives me another thought to consider.

How about you guys? What makes a guy, a player?

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One thought on “What makes a player, a player?

  1. interesting blog….
    I would disagree with your friend and then again not disagree…
    We are all players… we all play games… we may not realize it but we do…
    At the same time your friend is right… Some people ( notice I didn’t say guys ) are just not that good at hiding it… I know this girl that is twenty-one and she uses some pretty lame tactics… at least to me… stuff I knida see right through…
    My point is this look at the degree of the game being played and not the player ( again we are all players ).

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