Toiletarianism II

The Japanese though do come up with the best technologies!

You gotta admire their toilet bowls!

Check this out (if you don’t know it already), their toilets are super smart! They may be expensive, but they’re definitely well worth it!

Not only do they warm up so that you can do your business in absolute comfort, but they also come with a bidet (pronounced bee-day) that cleans you up when you’re done. Some toilet bowls can even massage you when you’re sitting down.

And how about this?

If you’re sick and tired of putting the toilet seat up and down, no worries. These babies do it for you! What’s cooler, they know if you’re a man or woman, so they’d do it for you automatically!

When I went to Japan last year, I almost died. They were so cool!

I want one for my own!

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