From bad to worse…

Just a quick note before I start my day.

The new guy’s back! I can’t believe he left last Wednesday afternoon and came back to work by Friday morning. He said he was merely cutting down costs, but still, if I was in Hongkong on a visa run, I would’ve stayed over the weekend. I mean, heck, you’ve taken a plane ride to another country, at least, make the most of your time there, right? Besides, we have a very long holiday coming up (no work Tuesdays for reasons I have yet to ask). Make the most of your trip there, right?

But then again, I wouldn’t want to go to Hongkong. Been there a couple times, nothing to do but shop and eat, shop and eat. I’d rather go where I’ve never been before. Maybe Vietnam and Cambodia. Now, that would’ve been very interesting…
Pissed off today.

I think I have great friends, but I don’t really like it when people cancel plans. I guess it’s because it’s been raining the whole week and people are down, or because it’s been a very tiring week. But at least for me, if I tell you I’ll do it, I’ll definitely do it come rain or shine.

What happened? Well, you see, my friends and I are planning to go to this place in Fuxing. Nobody of us has been there yet, and personally, I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been planning this activity since last week. However, just this morning, I heard from Karen that Itai, our Jordanian pal, is as sick as a dog and couldn’t come (Mind you, I have nothing against that. We can’t help if we come down with a serious case of flu). But then, other people start canceling. Maybe it’s the weather but they’d rather spend a quiet evening at home.

Oh well, most likely I’m just being selfish. If they’d like to stay home, then what right do I have to complain? Then again, they never really confirmed that they’re going. They just said, “Let’s play it by ear,” so I couldn’t really fault them for saying “no” in the last minute. But still, it sucks. And I’m starting to dislike playing things by ear all the time. Because if the mood isn’t right, or it starts to rain, then the whole deal’s off. Aaaaaaaaargh!

Yeah right, I know. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill. But maybe it’s just a personality clash. I like to plan things, and though I can be spontaneous, I more or less stick to my plan. I don’t really like to keep things vague, only to be confirmed an hour before the activity. I really prefer planning ahead and filling my schedule a week before.
So this day’s full of disappointments. Except for the fact that Patrick’s back. Now, that’s good news. Well, I just hope today’s going to get better then.

Hmmm… given the slew of cancellations, should I invite other friends to come with us? Aaaargh, the never-ending dilemma! I gotta stop thinking too much.

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