TU = Truly Unimpressive

Got to go to TU last night. Finally saw what a true local Taiwanese bar is like! It was… surprising. Gordon (the bouncer from Carnegie’s) told me that the moment a bar offers drink-all-you-can deals, their business aren’t doing as good as expected, and they’re offering such deals to make more money (Considering that Carnegie’s were offering customers a deal of NT$500 for a drink, and NT$800 for three does show that their business is healthy. The place is always packed).

TU used to be “the” place to go 11 years ago. But now, TU’s business must be floundering cause they were offering drink all you can deals, at a very cheap NT$300! Cheap cause most cocktails cost NT$250 already. Anyway, we got there WAY early at 9PM, so we were like the first people there (save for the bartender). But the music was nice and I got to exchange some trivial girltalk with my two friends, who followed their word and went with me last night.

We of course talked about the usual things, work… and boys. Ahh! The life of a single unmarried woman in Taiwan!

Around 11PM, people started showing up. To my surprise, there was only 2 foreigners in the entire bar! Ooooh, after much inquiry, I finally found a local bar — by mistake!

The DJ kept on screwing up the music, but we finally found some tunes we liked and danced to. To my surprise, even at midnight, nobody was dancing. Well, some moved their butts from left to right, and did the typical “robot” dance, but the atmosphere was pretty low key. Karen kept on nodding off. The place really made her sleepy!

Because of that, we decided to move and grab a bite to eat before we go home. I suggested we move to Carnegie’s where partying is much more fun. Nevertheless, it was a good (not spectacularly fun!) night for me. At least, finally found out how Taiwanese people party — lots of alcohol, drinking games, and a bit swaying to the music but not really dancing.

Give me Carnegie’s anytime! Wohoo!


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