Strange week…

Yesterday’s entry: March 31
Very weird week.

Work-wise, it’s been very hectic in the office recently, especially with a slew of AMD PCs coming out next quarter. Even with around seven of us in our team, it’s still difficult trying to juggle all these projects around. Of course, it doesn’t help that one of us is having a 3-week vacation (that’s my boss), and the other guy is just one-week old Acer-ean. Almost gave me a heart attack yesterday when the new guy, Patrick, suddenly disappeared in the afternoon.

Sure, he mentioned it earlier this week (he’s very shy and quiet though), but I wasn’t aware it was yesterday. Actually, nobody was aware of it. We invited him for lunch, he said he’ll join next time, and when we came back, his desk was clean. Poof! Gone! He pulled a Houdini!

Problem is, some of his projects are up yesterday, and since I’m his “proxy,” I have to finish his stuff and my stuff — all due on the same day. It was a nightmare. Geez. But I managed to get it all done. Stressful, but done.

Phew. All in a hard day’s work.
How do you know a guy really likes you?
* Tells you you’re one of the most interesting people he’s ever met.
* Tells you you’re the epitome of a perfect girl.
* Tells you that he’s most comfortable hanging out with you, that everytime you meet, he feels so comfortable with you. It doesn’t matter if you saw him two months ago.
* Implores you to call him when you’re in his area. Repeats this at least thrice.
* Tells you straight-out that he’s interested, and asks you out on a date.
* Goes out of his way to do something for you, even if he can get into trouble.
* Seems to touch you every chance he gets. Lets his hand linger longer than usual.
* Complains about his girlfriend and tells you that you’re different repeatedly.

How do you know if a guy only wants you for a booty call?
* Likelihood increases if you meet him in a bar.
* If you meet him in a bar, wants to make out with you the same day you meet, and wants to go up your room whatever the excuse may be (i.e., use your phone, bathroom, etc.).
* Turns up the sexual innuendos during your conversation.
* Keeps on complimenting you. Tells you you’re very beautiful. Blah, blah, blah.
* Likelihood increases when doesn’t really call you and texts instead (cheap!). Of course, he keeps it within the 3-day limit.
* Invites you for coffee at 10PM. At an area near his house, and where the MRT is unavailable after midnight.
* Calls you the next day and invites you over his place. He tells you that he has to take care of his friend’s dog (friend was in S. Africa for a tour). Says it’s a good chance to bike up the mountain to see the citylights. He’s even willing to pay for your taxi fare going there. Romantic? Well, not if he calls you at 2AM!

Am I just being assumptuous? But then again, I told you, it’s been a weird week. But it’s one of the most interesting weeks I’ve ever had in Taiwan!

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