When a Critical Employee Resigns

It’s always a big blow to the self when a staff resigns. 

Two of my critical staff resigned last Saturday. One was a probationary employee who was already on the way out, and the other was my trusty lieutenant, who resigned because she needed to get pregnant.


And even though I was prepared for any departures —- As my husband says, The Success of a Company should not lie on the hands of any one person — it’s still a big blow to the self when a staff member resigns.

For one, it makes you question if you could have done any better. That if you were a better boss, would they have stayed?

However, as I reflected back to how I treated them, I can honestly say I do not have any regrets. They were very much well compensated for the job position that they had, and I had just given my lieutenant a very big bonus for a job well done in 2018.

So it’s really not the money. Even our sister company head was surprised on how well we pay our supervisors.

But sometimes, family really trumps first.

At the age of 33, when your biological clock is ticking, how can you stop your husband from forcing you to end your employment?


The key thing when a staff resigns is to GRIEVE FIRST.

Some doubt and reflection are necessary. Immediately, you will wonder what will happen to the organization after they leave?

You may panic.


I worried about all the other employees who were left behind. How could I break the news to them? How will they take it? Will any follow?

But grieving and panicking are NOT healthy things to do especially when a person gives you a 30-day notice that they are leaving.


Then, prayer is next.

The Lord is wise, and knows what is in our hearts. He knew that I was becoming very confident and optimistic for this year since the team that I’ve been building is starting to come together.


Then He throws me this curveball.

To show me that no matter what, He is still in control, and He will do what is necessary to steer me towards His path, whatever it may be.

I honestly think it’s a bit unfair. I have worked hard over the last 4 or 5 years to build the team to what I want the organization to be, and is now fine-tuning the culture.

I loved the fact that everyone was so sales oriented, and exerted much of their effort. If anyone refused to follow my disciplined way of working, they can always resign and go somewhere else. Likewise, if people worked hard, they will be rewarded handsomely as well.

My lieutenant got in trouble last year for pushing her people too hard, and for being too arrogant. While she was correct in following the rules, her people thought her to be cold, uncaring and heartless. I chose my lieutenant because she was harder to replace and I saw her point.

Well, God has other plans for me.

This is what you call, A teachable moment.

At the end of the day, we cannot control our people’s hearts, thoughts and feelings. Nobody should be indispensable.


So the Lord is training me to be flexible. To not be dependent on a single person. To still build the organization to a softer, more holistic one.

And while my lieutenant is wonderful in her own way, she had a few behaviors that people found grating and unacceptable.

Her departure would be another phase of development on what type of culture I would like my organization to have. A less dramatic, calmer organization where people would work, but don’t need to make too big a fuss about.

Regardless on what happens, I know that the Lord never gives us challenges that we cannot handle.


“Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation” (Isaiah 12:2).


Afterwards, the next thing to do is to find and train their replacement.

I scour through the job wanted ads. I will put an ad out on the paper. Tomorrow, I will look for agency referrals.

So in short, as the clock ticks, I need to exert much effort to ensure that I can find a replacement immediately, as my supervisors are still here to train them.

You only need one, I tell myself. You only need one. 

Maybe the Lord planned their exit to make way for someone better, who is now available at this point in time.

At the end of the day, my lieutenant was great but had some weaknesses to overcome to replace me as position of general manager. For the last four years, I have been looking for my replacement so I can focus on other more important tasks in growing the business.

Her departure showed that she is not yet the one to replace me.

Maybe her replacement would.


At the end of the day, the key word here is to TRUST IN THE LORD.

I knew that after bonus season, I would get some resignations. People were cashing out on their hard earned work, and it was practical to do so after the checks had been cleared and the money was deposited to their account.

I was gobsmacked to see someone I trust turn in her resignation, even though I understand that it was for an important personal reason.

I don’t know yet what will happen, or how it would shape the organization. But inactivity (not doing anything about it), or doubt (questioning yourself about it) are the two most dangerous things that you can allow to happen when people resign.

Instead, you have to be strong for those who are left. And to quickly find a replacement so that there won’t be a lot of long term downsides to the organization.

As I’ve mentioned, trust in Him. Our company has always been protected by Him, and I know He would not have let this happen unless He had a grander plan for us.


In my weakness, all I can do is TRUST. Be strong. Know that someone else is in control, and He has greater plans for us.

Happy week ahead!

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I deleted Fallout Shelter last week.

Fallout Shelter is a free game that I downloaded to the iPad, and requires you to enough resources to sustain your people inside a fallout shelter.


There’s the basics — Food, Electricity and Water, to keep your people alive.

There’s also the Bedroom and Storage Room to ensure that your people and inventory can grow.

The game engrossed me for HOURS.

To the point that I would leave my daughter with my older iPad so I can play with Fallout Shelter.

Much to my annoyance, my shelter kept on being attacked by mole rats, raiders and fire accidents, leaving many of my survivors dead, unless I generate enough coins to bring them back alive.



After a week of continuous playing on my free time, I decided to delete the game once and for all.

I was spending too much time on it, and I wasn’t being a great mother or wife because of it. I realized that I was growing a gaming addiction, and it wasn’t a good example to show my kid.

After I deleted the game, I read my daughter a book.

Yes, this was much better than playing a senseless game. I was learning nothing, spending a lot of time on it, and I gained nothing from the entire experience except that I was so excited to come home to see if my pregnant survivors has given birth.

Priorities, my friends. Sometimes, you gotta hit yourself hard to re-prioritize.

Especially if you’re in your late 30s. 🙁




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Business Chronicles: 15 Steps on How to Register your Company at the Philippines Securities & Exchange Commission Online

A lot of people are asking whether it is easy for a person to register a company at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

You may be happy to know that the SEC has modernized, and registration of a company can be done usually online. Here are the 15 steps on how to do it from your home, with minimum fuss:

  1. To register your business online,  log on to the Securities & Exchange Commission Website: http://www.sec.gov.ph/


2. Move your cursor to Online Services. Click on SEC Company Registration System.

3. Create an Account. Here’s a short clip on how to create an account:

4. After creating account, please log in using your account.
5. Check the name of company if it is available. If it is available, you can continue with the registration process. If unavailable, choose another name.
6. Make sure all fill up is 100% complete. Here’s how to add the company details:
7. When it is 100% complete, you can now print the downloadable forms of Cover Sheet, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws & Treasurer’s Certificate.
8. After printing it out in A4 document size, have the documents notarized. Notarization cost Php 50 to Php 200 per document.
9. Upload the notarized documents into the SEC Account.
10. Wait for the SEC to notify and email you when it is ready for payment. This usually takes around 2 weeks. For our company, it cost less than Php 10,000.00.
11. If you received the order of payment thru email, you can now pay it to SEC directly. Bring a 4 copies of each of the documents.
Secretariat Building, PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1307
Trunk Line No.: 818-0921
12. After payment at the cashier, deliver the hard copy of documents to the receiving area.
13. After the SEC received your documents, upload the Official Receipt to your SEC account.
14. Follow up and call them after 2 weeks.
15. If the SEC Certificate is ready for pick up, you can pick it up and the other received documents from the SEC office using your Official Receipt in the releasing area.
Here’s the details of the Security & Exchange Commission:
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Reposting: What’s Life in the Philippines Like?

A lot of foreigners look at the Philippines with rose-colored glasses.

They see the friendly people and the sunny beaches. They see the happy faces, and the few thousand islands that make up the archipelago.

However, this is only a glimpse of the beauty in chaos that is the Philippines.

While it’s hard for me to describe what it is like here, I have decided to share a few videos which I feel is representative of the harsh realities in my own country. These are the stench that politicians want to hide, the poverty that lies in within.

Al Jazeera made a series of great documentaries that show how poor Filipinos are. Slums exist, and you can even book a slum tour to see it in action.

101 East, VERVE and RT Documentary offered a different perspective with the following series:

See the details below:


Philippines: Deliverance – The Slum (Episode 1)

As a birth attendant advocating for family planning, Remy is on the frontline of Tondo’s battle with overcrowding.

Tondo in northern Manila is home to the city’s largest collection of slums. It is also one of the most densely populated areas on the planet.


Risky Business – The Slum (Episode 2)

Faced with daily hardships, making a living is the only way most Tondo residents can ensure they will survive.


Storm Rising – The Slum (Episode 3)

Lives are lost and homes and businesses destroyed when a tropical storm hits the Philippines.


Vote for me – The Slum (Episode 4)

During election season in Manila, politicians are out fishing for votes, but the locals are not all convinced.


For Love or Money – The Slum (Episode 5)

Staying fit and healthy is not easy in a slum, and many residents must perform a delicate balancing act to get by.


Breaking Out – The Slum (Episode 6)

A dancer, a model and a fighter dream of overcoming their harsh realities to achieve wealth and success beyond the slum.


Reposting: Philippines is a Baby Factory. 

They call it the “baby factory”.

At the Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in the Philippines’ capital, Manila, an infant is born every 12 minutes. Many of the new mothers are teenagers, some just 13. 12 years old is the age of consent for the Philippines.

This devoutly Catholic nation, where abortion is illegal, is the only Asian country where teenage pregnancy has increased in the last two decades. Authorities say they want to reduce the birth rate, but the fight to make contraception readily available has been plagued by setbacks. 101 East investigates why children are having babies in the Philippines and meets some of the country’s youngest mothers.


How your leftover McDonalds is recooked and sold by this family to survive.

Credit to: VERSE
Donate directly to them and provide them with a new future:


Phoning from the Philippines: Outsourcing to Manila’s Call Centres | 101 East

Move over India – Manila is the new call centre capital of the world.
With its English-speaking workforce, geopolitical stability and embracement of Western culture, the Philippines is fast becoming the world’s hottest destination for call centres.


Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

Angeles City in the Philippines is a well-known sex tourism destination.

There used to be an American air base here, but now it’s popular among mainly retired men who travel in search of sex for sale. Hundreds of local young women work in the bars and night clubs offering additional services for the money they desperately need to make ends meet and feed their families.

The real victims though are the sex workers’ children, conceived by foreign travellers.


Reposting: Locked Up

“The first time I set foot inside here, I felt like I was being choked,” says Manila City Jail inmate, Guillermo Busano.

“I thought, ‘Where am I? Why am I here?’ I was so scared.”


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Highly Recommended: Euphemia Creatives Children Photographers

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to book at slot with child photographers, Euphemia Creatives.


Boasting less than 1,000 Instagram followers to date, Euphemia Creatives is one of those underrated suppliers who is still relatively unknown, but is so talented that you cannot help but gush about to anyone who would listen (even though it’s so tempting to just keep quiet and keep them to yourselves).

However, I was so impressed by their output that I think it’s but fair to share the love and joy.

The couple is unassuming and humble.

When we met at the UP Diliman, I was relatively unimpressed by the scenery: UP Diliman is not the cleanliest of venues, but it was free, and at the right hands, is a beautiful backdrop for photos.

We met last Sunday, February 17, at 3:00 pm at the UP Stone Markers.

Check out the scenery as we were making our way to the photo site:


Sir Jommy and Ma’m Mowina are a young couple that make up Euphemia Creatives.

I found them to be very low-key, chillax, and uber nice photographers.

Unassuming, is the best word to describe the couple.

Check out the photos of our shoot just to see how relaxing the entire experience was:

IMG_9673  IMG_9672IMG_9677

Ma’m Mowina was there to talk to my daughter, give directions and hold the reflector.

IMG_9699 IMG_9695Sir Jommy was there just snappin’ away like a boss.

To be honest, given how chill everything was, I had doubts on the type of output the team would create. Given the location and the fact that my daughter was NOT a professional model, I had low expectations on the type of photos we would get that afternoon.

However, that’s where you just have to trust your suppliers.

There is a reason you booked them in the first place. So even with my doubts, I let them do their stuff. Sure, I hung back and tried to help, but it was magical to see how they handled my daughter and made her cooperate.

I think one important factor is the care and respect Sir Jommy and Ma’m Mowina treats their clients — the kids they are actually taking photos of.

Sir Jommy was so nice and talked to my daughter like an adult. They gently encouraged her to pose, while remaining true to herself.  Here is the Euphemia Creatives team showing my daughter how pretty she is on camera:


I was sincerely touched.

Many photographers think of the kids as a job and source of income. Many photographers would not talk the way Sir Jommie did to our daughter.

Our session was an hour, with a maximum of three outfits. Thankfully, the weather cooperated, and while hot, it was still bearable. Surprisingly, we kept to the time and we were finished by around 4:15pm.

The Euphemia Creatives team promised us the photos by that evening. To our surprise, they uploaded the link to Google Photos, and we were BLOWN AWAY by the quality of their work.

As I’ve said, here were the photos that I took on the day itself. I show this to you to highlight what a mommy photo would look like vs. how a pro would do it:

IMG_9691 IMG_9702

These were their raw and unedited photos:










I would just let the results speak for themselves.

Across the board, just by looking at the raw and unedited photos, we knew we discovered an absolute treasure. Sir Jommy’s hit ratio was high: Every photo was beautifully taken, and captured the fun and naughty essence of my daughter.

kulit  kulit 4.jpgkulit 3.jpg

kulit 2.jpg

Sir Jommy’s talent is undoubted, and we are so so so pleased with the result. Hence, which is why, I’m making this special review to sing their praises.

Honestly, it was so difficult to choose just 20 out of the 487 raw photos they asked us to choose from. Out of the 487 photos, I had to slim it down to a difficult 150 photos. And from them, I had to pick 20 photos for final edit!


I will be sending the 20 photos I picked today to Euphemia Creatives for final editing. I cannot wait to see the final result in 2 weeks time.

Just for your reference, here are some of their finished works:

finished 5.jpg

finished1.jpgfinished 2.jpg finished 3.jpg

finished 4.jpg


To the Euphemia Creatives husband and wife team

Thank you so much for honoring our appointment, and for the beautiful photos. I am sincerely touched by your effort, impressed by how you handled my child, and blown away by your talent.

Hopefully, my review will help in bringing you more business. My only simple request is that if and when you become uber popular, please still give us a slot if we book ahead of time. I know that you will be soon to be stars in the child photography industry, and I hope you will never forget your humble roots, and let your work simply speak for itself.

Photo session details:
Venue: UP Stone Marker
Age of Daughter: 3 years old – so can follow directions
Outfits: From Hailey & Co., and The Living Doll PH

To book Euphemia Creatives:

Euphemia Creatives
Tel: 0995-402-3629, 0935-475-1705
Instagram: EuphemiaCreatives
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EuphemiaCreatives/

IMPORTANT NOTE: They are parents, and are not slaves to their work. This year, they do not accept regular bookings but provide monthly promos, which include group photo taking sessions in cooperation with LivingDollPh. I think they are well worth the time and effort, and if you can, please find a slot with the power couple. I know you will be as delighted as we are.


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8 Tips when Visiting Manila Ocean Park

My daughter is 3 and there’s not a lot of places that a child that age can go to, except for the mall’s play places.

Fortunately, there’s Manila Ocean Park, which is a decent place for a day trip for kids of all ages.

Here are eight valuable tips BEFORE visiting Manila Ocean Park for a more pleasant experience.

Tip # 1: If you are going to Manila Ocean Park, look at the various deals available for the season. Metrodeal does NOT offer the best value for your money.

I bought this Manila Ocean Park dealOcean’s Sky Wonder: Enjoy 10-in-1 Attractions at Manila Ocean Park for P799 instead of P4100.

Manila Ocean Park.jpg

Deal Highlights:

  • Experience the ultimate Manila Ocean Park adventure as it levels up with Ocean’s Sky Wonder, which features 10-in-1 attractions for the whole family to enjoy
  • Enjoy day and night fun and excitement with attractions and shows at Manila Ocean Park featuring:
    • Oceanarium
    • Trails to Antarctica (Penguin Exhibit and Christmas Village)
    • All-Star Bird Show
    • Symphony Evening Show
    • Birds of Prey Kingdom
    • Barnyard
    • Birdhouse
    • Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter
    • Penguin Talk Show
  • The Oceanarium is home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
  • At the heart of the Oceanarium is a 25-meter long, 220-degree curved walkway tunnel with a spectacular underwater view of amazing sea creatures swimming overhead
  • Interact with little creatures like hamsters, rabbits, and chickens. Learn how these small animals make huge contributions to the planet in The Barnyard
  • Be surrounded with hundreds of colorful Budgies in the Birdhouse. Watch them fly around you and have a chance to feed them on your hands
  • Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter allows you to touch stingrays in Acquatica’s outdoor pool without getting wet
  • Trails to Antarctica features a walk-through exhibit of the frozen continent, live Humbolt penguins and a festive Christmas Village
  • Birds of Prey Kingdom features one of the most stunning coastal raptors in the country, the Brahminy Kites (Haliastur indus) in their unique bird sanctuary
  • All Star Bird Show showcases the beauty and intelligence of our fine-feathered friends in a highly entertaining show for the whole family
  • Watch a display of huge water fountains as the Symphony Evening Show ignites the night sky with larger than life distinct characters from the sea
  • Experience real-time digital puppetry in a theater setting at the Penguin Talk Show. Get a chance to interact with Hamboo the Penguin

I thought I was getting a greater and cheaper deal. However, when we arrived in Manila Ocean Park, we saw that you can buy the following deals on the spot:


A short analysis comparing the different packages to the Metrodeal’s Php 799 deal showed that depending on the season, sometimes, the Metrodeal is better, and other times, buying onsite is better.

Looking at the different rides, here’s the deals available for the park onsite ticket for the period of December 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019 vs. Metrodeal’s Php 799 “promo”:

Tickets 2.jpg

Depending on the rides which you want, I would have simply just bought the park’s complete package worth Php 995.00, vs. Metrodeal’s Php 799, as I will pay only Php 200 more, but will get 4 to 5 more attractions, including entrance to the World of Creepy Crawlies, Super Toy Collection and Fish Spa.


Tip # 2: Go on a weekday, NOT on a Sunday.

I didn’t heed my own advice, and this was the crowd when we went after lunch on a Sunday.


It was FULL of people — lots of field trip groups and families last February 3. I have been to Manila Ocean Park multiple times, and it was never this crowded. Luckily, Manila Ocean Park is becoming a hit to Filipinos everywhere, and is a good day place to visit for people of all ages.

It was hot, crowded and slightly uncomfortable. In Ocean Park’s defense, the crowd thinned out when we left at around 4:30pm.

Still, why go on the peak hours if you can go on a more relaxing less crowded pace?


Tip # 3: No need to stress and pre-plan the itinerary. Just go with the flow of the park. Following the route, you will still see all attractions even if you have no map on hand.

When you arrive and buy your tickets, you just have to follow the park’s flow to see all the attractions. From the expansive park entrance,


The first attraction you will see is the Birds of Prey exhibits on your right. The attraction allows you to view and take photo with the Philippines national bird, the Philippines Eagle.


In other ocean park’s, you have to pay extra for the photo. Here at Manila Ocean Park, it’s Free, so take advantage of a photo session with our Philippines eagles:

The next attraction is the Oceanarium.

Warning: This is not the Hong Kong Ocean Park, so please manage your expectations accordingly. The Oceanarium is slightly hot (maybe it’s crowded) and requires strong AC. There are also a lot less varieties of fishes vs. other ocean parks. But for Philippines standard, it’s fine.

When you enter the Oceanarium, you are first treated to a cool Jungle Trek where you see a lot of hanging plants, large fishes and a live crocodile/alligator who at the time of our visit was getting a water jet massage by the waterfall:


It’s not a large amount of space, but the park manages to keep it interesting by allowing you to go up and down the stairs and see many different things as you go along.

Then the proper Oceanarium, where there’s a lot of tropical fishes to look into. Not as much as Hong Kong’s, but at least, enough for the regular Filipino visitor.

The Living Ocean exhibit inside the Oceanarium was a highlight of the visit, as such ability to walk through the “ocean” is something special for the Filipinos. The park brochures calls it:

At the heart of the Oceanarium is a 25-meter long, 220-degree curved walkway tunnel with a spectacular underwater view of amazing sea creatures swimming overhead

Here you can see various types of sharks:

And you can even pay extra to walk among the big fishes. If you plan to do so abroad, just do it here at the Manila Ocean Park.


Cheaper price, better service, and the team at Manila Ocean Park does its best to accommodate special requests.

For example, a friend of mine pulled off a surprise proposal at the Manila Ocean Park. The girl was there with family, and the guy was there in the water wearing scuba diving gear to propose to her.

It was very romantic, and done at a reasonable price.

Extra wonderful: She said YES! 🙂

At the end of the exhibit, you can place your hand in this open aquarium to have fishes clean your hand. Something worth a try.

Perfectly safe, just a nice sensation overall.

You can also have very nice photos taken on a less crowded area of the aquarium.


Following the Oceanarium, you have to go up the stairs to go to the Fish Spa. 


When we went, it was CROWDED with people.

However, if you were lucky enough to not go on a weekend and there weren’t anyone around, the Fish Spa is a great place to relax and clean your dirty feet.

Right beside the Fish Spa are some token cars that the little kiddos loved.

We spent a good half hour trying the few rides and relaxing. At this point, you are now mid-way finished with the park.

The next attraction is the Trails of Antartica, where you can view and take photos with the handsome penguins:

Our friends from Hong Kong were surprised that the park charged only Php 500 for a printed photo of visitors (Max: 4 people) feeding and taking photo with the penguins.


It was a complete steal especially since Hong Kong Ocean park charged a LOT MORE for such souvenir.


So Tip # 4: When you are at Manila Ocean Park, pay the Php500 and take the photo with the penguins with your family as a souvenir.

It’s worth it. Quality was terrific for the price.


The Festive village at the end of the penguin attraction was a downer. There was no real snow compared to when it first opened, and its snow making machine was reduced to a single workable machine which churned out small tufts of snow:


Oh well, you didn’t go to Manila Ocean Park for the snow, right? So can’t complain since this isn’t the right venue for snow watching anyway.

Tip #5: Buy from the Park Souvenir Shop.

At the end of the exhibit was the park’s Souvenir shop.


I kid you not — the selection was quite extensive, and the prices uber reasonable!

A large seahorse pillow cost only Php 800.

A blue toddler shark backpack put us back only Php 300.

The T-Shirts I think was less than php 300 each!

Almost everything in the Manila Ocean Park souvenir shop was of decent quality sold at a reasonable price. I would strongly suggest you buy souvenirs at the Manila Ocean Park gift shops as they’re really a great bang for buck.

Here we are, very much delighted with our purchases.


We then moved on to the next exhibit, which is the Jellyfish exhibit.

This exhibit was significantly smaller than when the park first opened. What’s more, there was a limited variety of jellyfishes exhibited.

However, I love jellyfishes and can stare at them for a long time. Hence, it doesn’t really matter to me that it’s smaller, but that it was part of our ticket.

Tip # 6: Rest and buy food and drinks inside the park.

Compared to other parks, the Manila Ocean Park offered an extensive number of food and drinks available at a reasonable price.

It’s not like Disneyland where all you had to eat where turkey legs and fries, and you had to pay for an exorbitant amount of money just to get your grub.

At the Manila Ocean Park, you can buy food and drinks at mall prices, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Hence, you don’t need to bring your own food at the park. All you have to do is bring a small bottle of water, and buy the rest of your snacks at the park to rejuvenate.

Tip # 7: Go and see all the live shows.

We didn’t follow our own advice since our companions were already super tired after the jellyfish exhibit. For your information, here are the attraction’s showtimes so as to plan a better trip.

IMG_9038 (1).jpg

However, if you’re not tired, I strongly suggest that you not miss out the live shows prepared by the park:


They are delightful and interesting. Just too bad we had to give it a miss, because our visitors were poofed.

Tip # 8: Visit the Manila Ocean Park with your family.

It ain’t the best park in Asia, but for the price you have to pay for the enjoyment, it’s pretty good for the buck.

There is parking available —- we paid Php 40 tip to the guys outside the park — the tickets are reasonable, and everything inside the park is not expensively priced.

The park is still in the Philippines so you have to manage your expectations but when all is said and done, it’s still an afternoon of fun at a huge price cut from other parks around the world.


EXTRA: Additional itinerary suggestions if you’re going to Manila Ocean Park in the afternoon:

Option 1: Tour the Old City Intramuros or do a Binondo Walking Tour in the morning, and then Manila Ocean Park in the afternoon. Here are some tour options we’ve tried and like:

For dinner, I would take our foreign guests to any of the nearby Filipino restaurants:


Hope you can make time to visit Manila Ocean Park. I’m glad we did. For more details, please do not hesitate to call the park at:

Manila Ocean Park
Pasay Boulevard Manila
Phone: (632) 567-7777 loc 118, 119, 123
Website: http://www.manilaoceanpark.com/

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When Relatives Make Bad Decisions

My biggest weakness is my pride.

I believe that before I make an important decision, I have already give that idea a great bit of thought. Not only do I make a decision based on the facts at hand, but I also look at other factors that may affect my decision, and think about Plan B, C, and D.

In short, I love seeing how a situation looks like, and then making plans accordingly. I pride myself into making some very good decisions in life.

As I’ve said, my biggest weakness is pride.

Hence, it bothers me when people around me want to make seemingly bad decisions.

I scratch my head and wonder why they cannot see the same problems that I see, and still choose to continue their course of action, even though it leads to the edge of the cliff.


I cannot comprehend how they can still make stupid decisions, despite knowing that they’re running to their death.

Why can they not see what I see?

Why do they keep on making the same darn mistakes over and over?

One of my relatives is one of these people.

He had been unemployed for years, working on projects here and there.

One year, he managed to persuade a friend to invest in a few million pesos to start a business with him. Technically, my relative will do all the legwork, get paid a generous salary, and his partner will give him the money. This is in assumption that my relative will build a business that would make both of them money.

My relative processed the business, built a business, hired a handful of staff, and had zero customers.

It’s Partner’s fault,” my relative scoffed. “He didn’t give me even more money to make sure the business succeeds. So we built an office, but couldn’t get customers because he didn’t send more money.”

Who was at fault, we won’t really know. We can only hear the side of my relatives where he came off smelling like a rose.

But this isn’t the first partner who had lost money after working with him. Actually, he has had quite a list of ex-partners, and they only had disappointing stories to tell after working with my relative.

But I am built as an entrepreneur,” my relative said. “It is my calling. It just isn’t the right idea.”

Given that he has invested no money of his own, that statement is unfair. The partner loses money, while my relative has profited off his partner having been paid a generous salary. At the end of the day, I feel bad for his partners who seem to lose money whenever they invest on something my relative has pitched to.


I remember that business idea vividly. There were many holes to that idea.

They wanted to build a medical health business even though one was a travel agent, and the other was a teacher. None of them were doctors.

They were both foreigners and could not speak Mandarin. Operations would require them to speak in the local language.

They had no network of clients, only the hopes of it. They only traveled in the expat circles and knew none of the rich Chinese they hoped to make money from.

They wanted to build the office at an expensive part of town. But it was in the upper floor where there was minimal foot traffic.

I have expressed my doubts to him when he visited us. While there was a 60 page business plan, holes on this plan made it seem clear that it was bound to fail.

And yet, everyone hoped that this idea would succeed.

After all, every 6 months, he would come up with a brand new idea that would hopefully make him a millionaire.

Yes Bonita,” he replied. “I heard you, but you don’t really know what you’re doing because you’re not in the situation.”

Great, I am chided on for being ignorant, for not knowing the entire facts. And for being unsupportive.



Months later, as the business crashed and burned, my relative came back in his defense asking, “Why didn’t anyone stop me?”

O M G.


Nobody stopped you?

What do you mean nobody stopped you?

I made my concerns vocal, told you of the holes in your wonderful plan to which you have no answers, and you just not listened, nodded your head and still went your own way.

I tried to ask you relevant questions related to his business, hoping he would use it as feedback on how to make his business better, and after ignoring my concerns, found that such concerns were really valid and were the cause of his failed business.

And I didn’t stop you?



Now, he is in his nth wonderful idea.

After years of employment, he finally took on the job as an English teaching in China.

After finally being employed teaching English in China and earning a generous wage, the relative declared that it was not his hope to teach English as this was the type of job white people are embarrassed to have.

“I am not happy being an English teacher,” he said. “I would like to be an entrepreneur as this is my calling.”

So his plan was to sell the home that’s under his wife’s name, and move the entire family to the United Kingdom, because hey, he likes the UK.


There was a serious lack of thought in such major life decision change:

  1. He is not a UK taxpayer or citizen. They have a 4 year old daughter: Will her education be free or cheap?
  2. He is already in his mid-40s and does not have any relevant corporate experience. He doesn’t want to do menial jobs, and want a job that pays well so he can support his family of 3. However, he doesn’t have any technical skill, and is currently an English teacher in China despite not having any educational degree.
  3. His family will start from scratch. Wife will have to start looking for a job after getting rid of a good gig from China. He cannot teach English in the UK. His Chinese is bad, so he cannot teach Chinese in Britain.
  4. Where will they live? How can they afford their home and their cost of living? How can they have income?

But the general plan is — Sell the home that was gifted to his wife by her parents in China, and use that money to fund their move to the UK and hopefully find a source of income there.

I can start selling ginger candy from the Philippines in Amazon UK,” he said.

As if it was that simple.


It takes a lot of effort not to challenge a relative when they make seemingly stupid decisions that affect other people.

On one point, as a man, I understand his need to be secure in his ability to provide for his family after many years of hopping from one job to the other. I am sure it is emasculating for him to have his wife be the breadwinner for many years.

On the other hand, I do not understand why he can’t just accept whatever job he is qualified for, and work up from where he is.

Teaching is NOT an embarrassment when it puts food on your table.

Why hope to be like Jeff Bezos if you can’t even hold a job?

Bonita, STOP CHALLENGING ME,” he said. “I know what I am doing. It seems that every time I talk to you, it’s a challenge.”

I shut up after that.

I keep quiet despite hearing his dreams of grandeur and his wanting to be British even though he isn’t.


At the end of the day, getting sucked in my relatives vortex is just more headache for me. To be honest, his life decisions do not affect me or my family. I am not expected to fund him, or to carry any of his work, or to support his family when they fail.

And if he is driving a train with a wreck that’s waiting to happen, it should NOT involve me at all.


He wants neither my help, opinion or support.

So I have to accept in my heart to just let this matter go. Let him make the wrong decisions in his life and suffer the consequences. Let his family suffer from his foolishness.

It is their life, not mine.

Once I can accept this, I remove myself from his mess, and not worry about him at all. Why worry when you can’t do anything? Why bother even helping if it’s not welcome? It just isn’t healthy at all.

Hence, this is what I will do.

I will let sleeping dogs lie, pray for him and his family, and hope for the best.

Hopefully, his best laid plans will make him fulfill his dreams.

Or it won’t.

Regardless, I take no credit or delight with the results. All I can do is to stay still, listen and watch the show.

Have a good week everyone!




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Format: Quit Claim for Departing Yayas



That I, (Yaya Name), Filipino, of legal age, a resident of (Yaya Residence Address), and formerly employed with (Employer’s Name), do by these presents acknowledge that I have already received my full payment and final settlement of the (financial assistance or separation pay, overtime pay, salary or salaries, wage or wages, commutable sick and vacation leaves, gratuities or any kind of compensation or emoluments) due to me or which may be due to me from (Employer’s Name) under the law or under any existing agreement with respect thereto, as well as any and all claims of whatever kind and nature which I have or may have against (Employer’s Name), arising from my employment with (and the termination of my employment with) (Employer’s Name).

In consideration of this agreement, I do hereby acknowledge this quitclaim, and will waive any and all actions of whatever nature, expected, real or apparent, which I may have against (Employer’s Name).  I will institute no action, whether civil, criminal, labor or administrative against (Employer’s Name). Any and all actions which I may have commenced either solely in my name against (Employer’s Name) are hereby deemed and considered voluntary withdrawn by me and I will no longer testify or continue to prosecute said action(s).

I declare that I have read this document and have fully understood its contents.  I further declare that I voluntarily and willingly executed this Release, Waiver and Quitclaim with full knowledge of my rights under the law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand at Current Address, this ___ day of (Month) 2019.

(Yaya Complete Name)


_______________________        ______________________

I also use this document for all other employees departing our employ. Word Document can be downloaded here: QuitClaim – Generic

Additional: 10 Tips in Looking for a Yaya Online

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Unlucky Week: When you deal with people who are malabong kausap

This has not been a great week.

I have been a victim of people who are malabong kausap (people with no word of honor) several times this week. It’s annoying.

There’s an online seller who had agreed to sell to me a branded bag at an x price. Everything was already confirmed and settled and I was just going to pickup and pay for the bag.

Before we met, he messaged me, “Bonita, I’m so sorry, but someone gave me a higher offer, and I really need the money so I am giving her the bag.”

The offer was x plus Php 1,000 so it was truly annoying. It wasn’t that I couldn’t match the Php 1,000. Rather, it was that the deal was already struck, and he backed out instead of informing me that someone was offering a higher price for the bag.

I had another company who confirmed a quotation, but then charged me a higher price once I was about to pay. 

This bad luck has moved to my personal life.

I also hired a private tutor for my daughter this week.

On her ad, she said she was “responsible, hardworking and patient with kids.”


On the day she was supposed to teach for the first time, she messaged me that she was not feeling well.

Later on, she messaged me again to say that I need to find another tutor.


I would like to look at the positives in this unfortunate situations. This quotation comes to mind: 


Maybe there is a better bag for me.

Maybe there is a better solution for my business.

Maybe there is a better tutor for my daughter.

Still, it’s very frustrating. Hopefully, my bad luck would end. Happy Chinese New Year!


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Mommy Chronicles: How to Raise a Budding Entrepreneur

One dollar! One dollar!” exclaims my daughter as she tries to sell her wares to my staff from the shop set her grandma gave her today.

She must have learned selling from Ryan’s Toy Review. Either that, or one dollar is too cheap a price for legitimate wares.

Another Mommy asked how to teach kids entrepreneurship a few days before.

My father was an entrepreneur.

My mother was an entrepreneur.

And I later grew up to be an entrepreneur as well.

I don’t really remember my parents actively teaching me how to be an entrepreneur.

So how the heck did I turn out to be one?

It’s the Littlest Most Mundane Details

My father used to teach me about entrepreneurship without me knowing it.

We would go to a restaurant, and we would analyze if this restaurant was profitable or not.

“How many staff are there at the store?” he would ask.

There’s ten,” I’d answer. And would proceed to count them one by one.

Good,” he would reply. “If each employee cost php 13,500, how much would the total labor cost be?”

“₱13,500 times ten is php ₱135,000.” The middle school me would answer, pleased that my multiplication tables can now be used.

He continues to ask, “Let’s say rent and overhead which includes electricity is php 60,000, how much is the total cost of running this business?”

“₱135,000 plus ₱60,000 equals php 195,000.” I would answer. This is easier math.

So let’s say cost of doing business is rounded up to php200,000, how many meals do you need to sell to break even?” He asked.

What do you mean?” I asked, now confused.

Okay, how much is the price per meal?” He would then ask.

It’s php 100,” I would answer. “And there’s four of us so that’s php 400 for our table, more or less.”

“Now, if the cost of the food is php 30 per order, that means per meal has php 70 of profit,” he concludes. “If you make php 70 per meal, how many meals do you sell to break even?”

Ahhhhhh…. see the point?

Cost of business is php 200,000. Divide php 200,000 by php 70 profit per meal, how many meals is that?” He asked.

2858 meals!” I excitedly answer.

Now divide 2858 meals by 30 days, how many meals must be sold per day to break even?”

“95 to 96 meals a day, daddy,” I answered.

Or 50 meals per lunch and dinner,” he would say. “Or around 10 to 15 tables per meal hour. Look around you. Is this restaurant full? How many diners are here on a weekday lunch?”

There was only 4 tables dining. Two had two people, one was a sole diner and there was us, 4 on a table — or 7 people in total.

The restaurant isnt making money,” he concluded. “It will close down in a few months unless they change something. Anything.”

How sure are you, daddy?” I asked.

Do the math,” he said. “And you will know.”

Sure enough, the business DID close down.

It was tragic to see.

I am sure that the owners were well intentioned and had high hopes and dreams when they opened the store, but you can’t fight against the tide if the numbers were against you.

And that was how my dad taught me about entrepreneurship.

Not by reading a book or taking a class.

But by analyzing every business that we come in.

Every single day.

My daughter is only 3 and there’s still more to teach her.

Right now, she’s just selling things for one dollar. Tomorrow, hopefully she’ll be selling more at a profit.

Teaching about entrepreneurship is like building the pink towerZ

You talk to her everday about the most mundane things, and build it up, until years later, without her really knowing it, she inevitably becomes an entrepreneur.

Because this was what her parents did.

Because this was something you guys talked about every day.

Because this was her training.

Because this training became her calling.

And that is how you raise an entrepreneur.

One day at a time.

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