Dear Aeva and Alyx: What to Do When You Make a Mistake to Your Fellowmen

Dear Aeva and Alyx,

Today there was a story of a celebrity who smeared cake to a server’s face as a joke.

It was the social media influencer’s birthday, a typically happy event. Unfortunately, a friend videod the incident thinking it was funny and posted it on the Internet, hoping to get some likes.

And likes it got.

Or in this case, many dislikes.

The story blew up over social media and even became the top national news of the day.

Everyone had something to say and the celebrity was roasted over coals because everyone thought the celebrity “bullied” the server, as she was the customer, and he the person who had no choice but to grin and bear having cake smeared onto his face.

I think there are a lot of lessons we can learn from this incident.

For one, always be mindful on what you make public. Especially if you’re somewhat famous, you should be mindful of your actions. In this case, the event was a private birthday party, exposed for everyone to see.

How much more fun could it have been if the friend did not post the story on the Internet? If you have a party, make sure what’s private is private, and if you post something, always think first before you post.

Second, I think you should be mindful on how you treat others especially those who serve you.

There’s a saying that the customer is always right, but that is not always the case. As a customer, always be polite, kind and respectful to others, especially to those who serve you.

Without their help, you will be the ones cooking your meals, putting away the dishes and cleaning them. We need them as much as they need us for their livelihood. It is not an easy life to serve others; try to make life easy for them if you can and give a bit more compassion.

Third, you need to be more upfront and truthful of your shortcomings when you make a mistake. Don’t deny that the issue happened but face forward. If you can, don’t let other people make the excuse for you and above all, don’t lie.

Yes, people will know you’re lying.

Fourth, I think if you made a foolish mistake like what that celebrity did, you should immediately change shift and apologize on the spot.

If you smeared cake on the server and you can see he is uncomfortable, stop laughing, take a napkin, and help him clean himself apologizing profusely in making him uncomfortable. I think it is right that if you are wrong, to immediately admit it and correct it, so that the problem would be managed and not blow up. It would be great if you also gave him a nice tip for the trouble.

Sometimes a little something puts a smile on somebody’s face. A bad experience can be made into a happy experience for all, and this problem would not even be a problem.

I think a little bit of humility goes a long way. While you are the customer, you are also my kids and I think you should express yourself with grace and politeness at all times.

Don’t be a bitch or an asshole because nakakahiya. How you act in public is a reflection of who you are, and what you are is a proper human beings who are taught well by their mother.

At the end of the day, we make mistakes once in a while. But it is good for others to make the mistakes for us, so we can observe, learn from them and do better than them.

I love you.

Mommy Tina

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  1. When you post a video make sure that the viewer will understand the context. You can’t just post the moment. Yhe context must be establishe to avoid ang misunderstanding. Think before you click.

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