10 Thoughts during the ECQ

1. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. Rich people can be unhappy and shoot themselves. It’s better to be poor and alive than to be wealthy and dead.

2. It’s hard to be disciplined if those that lead are not. Paano hindi titigil ang sabong if kasama si kapitan at kagawad?

In good news, they surrendered and were placed under suspension. Sigh, there’s uneven justice in the Philippines.

3. If the wife cooks, the husband must say it’s masarap.

Today, I made cheesy kaldereta that tastes like kare-kare. It was a major fail. I’m lucky my husband still ate it. He said it’s pwede na.

Love you!

4. The ECQ will get extended if the Filipinos can’t stay the heck home.

Then again, how many of the poor get COVID-19 and die? To be fair to them, how many outbreaks have we heard from the squatter areas? It seems that the poorer you are, the more resilient our bodies become against these evil veeruses.

5. The British PM Boris Johnson is now out from ICU. I’m happy for him. He might be a lot of things but it would the greatest irony if he died given his previous herd immunity argument.

Still waiting for a world leader to succumb to Coronavirus.

6. Am I the only one who’s alarmed about the USA’s COVID-19 Numbers?

These are America’s numbers — USA now counts at 560,433 confirmed cases (30% if global confirmed) and 22,115 dead (19.2% of global dead).

New York and neighboring New Jersey has a combined 251,265 (44.83% of total USA confirmed) confirmed cases and 11,735 deaths (or 53.1% total USA dead).

In April 11, 2,035 people died in the USA. That’s a LOT of people.

An SM Megamall cinema can seat 472 people. So around 4.31 SM cinema full houses died last Saturday.

Hopefully, that’s their peak and the numbers will improve. In April 12, 1,528 people died.

7. I think the USA held off their lockdown because politicians were selling off their stocks. They knew it was coming and just needed time to offload.

8. ECQ is quality time. Here’s my daughter’s art.

9. Hospitals has been charging patients money for PPEs. According to the Mommy grapevine, it’s around ₱10,000-15,000 for medical supplies.

I can understand the logic because if a doctor and his team inspects you and you’re COVID-19 Positive, not changing the PPE can endanger the next patient they see.

I just hope they resanitize the PPEs instead of throwing it away. Such a shame to use one dress worth ₱600-1800 for a few seconds and throw it away.

10. ABS-CBN better get their act together. Their sound bites are misleading and it’s annoying.

It will be easier to support them if they remain unbiased and factual. Instead, they are allowing their news and celebrity to embellish so much information that makes them seem as if they don’t do their homework.

Just stick to the facts please.

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