How else can companies help out their staff in the midst of the Coronavirus?


We can’t work from home because we are in retail. We have to be at the store to keep operations open. If the mall is open, we are contractually obliged to open.

Our company issued a memo re: Coronavirus. I think there’s not a lot to do aside from drinking Vitamin-C, staying vigilant and washing hands regularly.

I am more concerned of people panicking and making irrational decisions. That’s why our company gave people a one-time grocery allowance to help them buy food to stock in preparation for panic buying later in the week.

Check out how crazy Filipinos are for alcohol… ubos!

It’s not sahuran pa so this will give them extra aid to buy now, to ensure their family has food without pila.

Don’t get it from their 13th month. Don’t give them cash advance. In times of need, better just to give it to them freely without any return. Give only what you can afford.

Food is better than constantly sanitizing, because if they are well stocked now, they don’t have to worry about agaw agawan later. It will help their entire family pa.

We made the allocation earlier this week with the instruction to prepare and stock on Monday/Tuesday. That’s why, staff who followed the instructions beat the panic buying rush and was able to buy enough for their households.

The instruction was to buy only for the family needs and no hoarding.


1. Company is giving sales staff a one-off xxxx allowance for grocery buying to help tide over panic buying and Coronavirus fears. Use this to buy groceries today or tomorrow.

Those who get it are those with the company for at least one month. Tulong na lang yan from company.

2. While infectious, most people infected with COVID-19 will recover. Only those who are old w pre-existing conditions esp respiratory are at risk. If you have any older people, please quarantine them and handle them with care. They are most at risk.

3. Filipinos panicking over this issue is scarier. Most important, everyone must work harder to sell so company don’t need to do forced leaves or flexitime.

Good luck!

P.S. If I would buy, I would buy rice, canned goods, water (if you don’t have any). Minimal gamot lang. No need for milk or eggs or alcohol. Better to buy Safeguard to wash hands than alcohol. Food will spoil easily so no point to hoard. Just enough to tide over the panic buying.”


The World Health Organization declares Coronavirus as a “Pandemic”

“An epidemic refers to an uptick in the spread of a disease within a specific community.

By contrast, the WHO defines a pandemic as global spread of a new disease, though the specific threshold for meeting that criteria is fuzzy. The term is most often applied to new influenza strains, and the CDC says it’s used when viruses “are able to infect people easily and spread from person to person in an efficient and sustained way” in multiple regions. The declaration refers to the spread of a disease, rather than the severity of the illness it causes.”

Please note that SARS was not considered a pandemic. The reason why COVID-19 is a Pandemic is because it has affected over 110 countries, despite its relatively low and selective death rate.


On better news, China has managed to contain the Coronavirus.

More than 70% of the infected has recovered.

New cases of the epicenter in Hebei has only grown by single digits which means China has managed to curb the infection gradually but surely.

Bad news is the Italy are hardest hit. Italy is hardest hit due to its older demographics

Italy has one of the oldest populations in the world.

Interestingly, 60% of its population are aged 40 and above, which is the perfect statistic for those at risk of the Coronavirus. 23% of the 60% above 40-year old population is over 65 years old.


Philhealth has also announced that they will cover cases of Coronavirus.

That’s great news. Thanks Philhealth!


This is a very helpful chart to see if you will be considered as a Patient Under Investigation (PUI) or not:


Still, I hold my stance that in these moments, one should NOT panic.

Panicking will not heal the sick. It will not stop the virus. People who will be infected will be infected.

What’s best to do is to stay calm, vigilant, practice social distancing and wash your hands.

And if you have old people at home, please isolate them and handle them with care. They are the ones at most danger so before interacting with them, make sure you take a bath if you came from outside and wash your hands.

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