Third Day at the Mozart: Chesky Crumlov

We slept on the way there but these were the scenes we saw in Chesky Crumlov, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1992.

Let’s first start with a map of the area, showcasing the river that encircles the town.

The entrance which looks like an aqueduct. Isn’t it impressive?

As you can see, it was a bit dim and gloomy when we arrived. Fortunately, the weather improved afterwards.

The brown bear mascot by the gates. Bears at that time was a status symbol. There’s two bears in the area. This one is 15 years old.

Other scenes at Chesky Crumlov.

This is a salt storage building. Salt was used to preserve meat in the olden days.

The shopping street at Chesky Crumlov:

Follow the roads until you reach the square:

This little one was sad because she wanted candy and her mommy did not buy her one. This is her complaining to Mommy and in a bad mood.

However, Mommy had a change of mind and decided to buy her one. Look how her mood quickly changed.

It was lunch time and we were lucky enough to discover the Svejk Restaurant that’s just right atop the stairs in the shopping street:

Oh my gosh, the food was GOOD.

The pork came off the bones so easily. The schnitzel was juicy and melted in your mouth. The duck was also super nice. The skin was crispy and yet the meat was soft. Highly recommended!

This was our bill — very reasonable given the quality of food

Afterwards, we continued in our tour at Chesky Crumlov:

It’s my third time to visit and it’s still a lovely town to go to. You can pay both in Euros or CZK so visiting is convenient.

We arrived at the boat early and I joined my in-laws for a visit to the Electronic Museum.

And that caps off a lovely third day at the Crystal Mozart. For dinner, we had a lovely meal at the Waterside. Which one would you order if this was your menu?

I ordered the veal appetizer….

And the beef consomme. Husband and father in law had two servings of this. It was so good.

The daughter finished two thirds of her steak. It was good, as always!

Almost done!

For my mains, I had the scallops and a side of lasagna.

While my mom and brother had the calf liver and beef fillet steak accordingly.

This was what we had for dessert. By this time, I was so full that I only ate half.

Overall, a productive and full day for us. Tomorrow is a brand new eating day. Have a good night!

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