Recommended: Stacy’s in BGC

There’s still relatively reasonable priced restaurants at the BGC area. Stacy’s is one of them — there’s an element of dainty and pretty and a good restaurant stop before visiting the Mind Museum, which is just next door.

The ground floor has a little nook for children to play afternoon tea with:

And a cute cup of sugary goodies for the kiddo:

The menu is extensive and the price reasonable at less than ₱300.00 per meal.

We like!

We ordered the Kid’s Menu’s Potato chip fried chicken, fries and rice with orange juice (₱225.00) for our little princess. The server said 20-25 minutes waiting time but it was worth it.

The wait was not long to be honest. It came at the same time as my meal. Here’s the cute ice cream to finish the meal:

Hubby ordered their best seller, Stacy Jones: Tender yakiniku cut US beef sirloin smotheted with loads of fried garlic with eggs, fresh tomatoes and roasted garlic rice (₱240.00.).

Cinnamon Glazed Chops: Two pieces of pangrilled porkchops glazed with brown sugar and cinnamon. Served with steam rice and a siding of buttered corn and carrots (₱245.00)

I also loved the service. Our iced tea had generous refills. And the staff was smiling all the way from the ordering to the bill out. You can’t really complain too much since the meals were not really that pricey.

Overall, it’s a terrific lunch for a rainy Sunday. We hope that there’s more restaurants like Stacy’s in BGC to try and visit. Our bill:

They can also hold parties too upstairs. Capacity is 40-50 pax. It can accommodate 60 if you count the ground floor.

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