Dear XXX — The first days of marriage

Dear XXX,

How are you?! It’s true what you said before. After marriage, you’ll miss your parents (or in my case, my mom) a lot. I didn’t shed tears or try to run home to her, but there were times I am guilty of not being more there for her and keeping her company just like I did when I was still single. She is sweet, enjoyable company and I miss the nights where I sleep beside her snoring, comforting presence. Instead, I am beside my husband whose presence took awhile to get used to. It’s true: we don’t really know each other that well. And marriage truly is a risk, a leap forward with eyes closed. Despite your best efforts, you (or at least me) never really know what to expect.

I am good though. Lucky that hubby is very sweet. People ay it’s only because the marriage is new, but I’d like to think it’s Truly mu husband’s nature beneath that rough exterior of his. I realized that unlike you, I am not that domesticated so Hubby picks up the slack. So far, he’s been able to get cable TV and internet in the house. Even better, he makes the bed every morning, prepares my coffee and sets up our shoe rack. I didn’t know he would be willing to do that.

As for me, I am useless. Or at least, I admit Hubby is better at more home things than I am and let him take the lead. The only thing I do is wash the plates, make sure he has enough soap to use and clothes to wear, and tease him a bit. It’s still cute so I am milking it for all it’s worth.

We also had our petty fights just like other couples do. Voices raised and both of us won’t back down. Maybe it’s the honeymoon but we give way for now, somehow after we’ve exhausted all our points. There is no makeup sex, as by that time, we’re too tired to even care, but there’s a lot of hugging and some sorry’s before drifting to sleep.

Other than that, we are good. So far, still married after a few months! Hubby makes the experience pleasant but equally, I’m blessed to have good parents in laws and my mom to help us two out.

Work-wise, I’ve been working for almost a week and have already hired four people. Not bad. Still a lot more to come. Lots of self-inflicted pressure though. I do want to do a good job. It’s not easy though because of course, in business, who knows?

Anyway, I miss you. Thinking of you. But I am glad you have your baby and your lovely husband to keep you company. I do want to meet up once I get back in the groove. You are one of my favorite people and what I’m going through, you’re already a master at it. Would be great to exchange some notes.

Big hugs and happy birthday!


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