I Like the Fact…

I like the fact that he celebrates a balanced woman. The fact that he wants a woman to be intelligent and capable, and to help out with the family business whenever necessary. And not just to be a simple “housewife” who bears his children and takes care of the dog.

I like the fact that he prefers his woman to show off her asset. “If you have it, flaunt it,” is his mantra, and not to hide her God-given body with turtle necks, pants and everything covered.

I like the fact that he’s not super picky with money. Yes, he’s still money conscious, but then again, he still spends a few luxuries because it’s not as if he cannot afford it.

I like the fact that he thinks its dumb and stupid for a guy to invite your family out for dinner, and complain about paying the bill afterwards. Yes, I agree. It’s definitely dumb and stupid but it’s nice that you kinda agree.

I like the fact that he adjusts to my schedule, and not make a fuss when I can only see him at the last minute.

I like the fact that he’s not a square, open to going out and having fun. The fact that he’s not too conservative and have to go on confession every time he has to do something society deems as “sinful.” As if society is always right.

I like the fact that he likes my feet. “They’re very very nice,” he said. My last boyfriend thought they were hideous and spent a lot of effort making me feel ashamed of them.

I like the fact that he’s open to meeting the parents. That if needed be, he doesn’t mind to introduce himself to the eldery. “If we continue going out, I’d like everything to be kosher (proper),” he said.

I like the fact that he lets me be me.

I like the fact that he has his own business, and that he is self-made. That he has something of his own and he is growing it. It doesn’t mean that his business is most profitable or most popular, but it’s nice to actually have something of your own.

I like the fact that his family is quite open minded. And they don’t mind too much a more strong willed woman.

I like the fact that he can be brutally honest at times. I would rather have an honest jerk than a nice guy who fools you for years thinking he wouldn’t hurt anyone and yet stabs you in the back when you least expect it.

I like the fact that he is quite open-minded and liberated. That he has higher energy level and sleeps around the same time as me.

Sounds promising?

Yes, it does sound promising.

Let’s see how this one goes.

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