My dog ate and pretty much destroyed my head phones

Yes, shit happens.

Like today, I went back to our bedroom and found that my lovely Maltese pup Yuki looking at me innocently.

I looked around watching her in contentment when… Oh my gosh. She ate and destroyed my headphones!!!

The wire was cut in the middle while the left headset piece lay on the other side of the room. Should I even be thankful that she didn’t swallow it?

I of course gave her a scolding. Dunno if she understood me, but she deserves it. That’s her looking guilty… She looks like a small mouse despite being four months old.


But hey, it’s a dog.

I can get totally stressed about it or find the space to just find the funniness of it. It IS indeed my fault that I left the iPad and speakers on the bed where she can easily climb up to.

On other news, my family bought an Alaskan Malamute earlier this month. Known as gentle giants, these look like Siberian Huskies but grow bigger than the Sibies. It’s my brother’s and we call her Kira, which means dark in Gaelic.

The problem with Kira is she poops big and pees everywhere.

Every time she poops in the house, you can smell it a mile away. It’s like human feces in your bedroom. KA-BOOM!

She is not only a bad influence to Yuki but she bites everything too.

It came to a point that my poor brother decided today to buy diapers for her. It’s true — they exist. Diapers for dogs.

Hahah so let’s see how that holds up. That’s Kira, in diapers…

Cute anot?

Btw here is Athena, our third dog and is a Siberian Husky. She’s warm, friendly and kinda stupid. But such a beauty!

Enjoy and have a great week ahead!




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