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Neil Pasricha is correct!

In life, there are three As of awesome.

The first A is Attitude.

Shit happens in life. There will be times in life that you will be tossed into a well and bad news will seep into your heart. And you always have two choices:

a) You can swirl and grieve and fall apart in self-pity and depression, or

b) You can grieve, AND THEN face the future with sober eyes.

Having a great future means choosing Option B. Choosing to grieve, then cry, then take baby steps in a more positive future.

Sure, you cannot change all the shitty things that happens to you.

But you can always change how you approach life.

The second A is Awareness.

Having a sense of awareness means embracing your inner 3-year old. Being aware means that you seem to see things on the first time too.

Having the appreciation for life. For the things we always take for granted because they always are there.

When you are aware, life becomes a more beautiful place.

The last A is Authenticity.

It’s becoming true to yourself. Regardless on how crazy our interests are or how people find us funny. It’s the wonderfulness of being you and being true to yourself.

It’s following your heart and when you do stuff that you love, you will also feel very fulfilled.

If we can only fill our lives with the three As — Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity — then I betcha, our lives would be so much more fulfilling.

Haha, even if I don’t ever get to buy my 2.55 Chanel bag. 🙂

Sorry for the paraphrases of above. Please feel free to click on the link for the whole awesome video blog!

Have a great weekend!

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