Back in the Dating Scene?

A month after my breakup… wow, how time flies.

It hasn’t been an easy journey but oh, how invigorating the process was.

Over the last four weeks, I’ve done a lot of self-reflection, making changes where I saw fit.

And there were many.

My life path for 2012 for example has radically changed from what it was before I arrived in the UK.

The funny thing was, as soon as I was single, the wolves came pounding in.

Some of them have no mercy.

For example, two, three days after my breakup, I was invited to go to the school pub, the Windsor, for some birthday celebratory drinks. Was it ever a surprise that some of my male classmates offered me tons of drinks and shots in the hopes of getting me intoxicated enough to go with them?

Have they no shame — I just broke up!


Oh wait, maybe that was their plan….

Afterwards, a friend heavily hinted that he was interested, slowly raising his hand as a potential person to date.

He’s nice ma,” my other friends defended him. “Why not him?”

Errr…. it’s just been two and a half weeks after I broke up,” I consoled him. “Trust me, he doesn’t want to be a rebound.” Then smiled.

Random guys have also been Facebooking me.

Saying they liked my photo and wanted to get to know me better.

I never had that when I was still in a relationship.

Weird, just weird. I think I need to work on my privacy settings…

And lastly, another friend seemed to be another potential.

I knew him from before as we’ve been friends from Hong Kong. He moved back to the UK to start his own business, and given that we’re in the same city, we met up once again.

He was really nice.

We talked for 7.5 hours last weekend.

From 8pm… to almost 4am.

And it was real nice.

He likes you,” my Chinese friend said after I told her about my evening the next day.

How do you know?”I asked.

No guy will talk to you for almost eight hours unless they’re interested,” she replied.

Dude, guys talk to me for a long time. Eight hours is nothing,” I said back.

Then again, when Trader and I first met, we talked for the whole day.

When Mark and I first dated, we hung out the whole day.

May it possibly be a recurring theme for guys I date?

Or maybe I am just interesting enough to talk to for 8 hours a time?

Bah – this is what I hate from the singles scene.

All the uncertainties.

Of not knowing whether a guy likes you because you are available, or likes you for you.

On whether or not his touch or hug meant something, or is he just being fresh.

Of waiting to see who’ll call or message first, and trying to analyze what he meant by what he said.

Then again, maybe such is life. I should be at least thankful there has been some interest, and some seem quite promising than others. A girl could only hope.

Let’s wait and see.

What will happen.

The next chapter of my life.

Mr 7.5 hours messaged me today.

He is wondering if I am free for coffee.

I like coffee.

No seriously, I do.

Welcome to the dating scene, Bonita.

Welcome back…

Now, cest la vie!

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