The economy is tanking…

If you haven’t heard the news, would just like to update you that the general global economy is tanking.

Greece can’t seem to pay off its debts because nobody there pays off their taxes (hence, the big deficit) and the Eurozone is in a sh*thole. The United States meanwhile is experiencing a slowdown because people are slowly realizing that they have to pay off their humongous debt.

It’s insane just how much Americans seem to be under the water. In Asia, we’re usually debt free unless we want to buy a house, which is btw supported by our income. However, the US seem to just take debt as if these never needed to get paid! How could you be merely 18 and be deepin your neck with debt?

Anyway, so the job market is really poor.

At the London Business School Corporate Partner evening two weeks ago, most of the banks were NOT hiring. It’s kinda pathetic. Really big giants of yesterday are telling us that there are no headcount for the year, unless the economy clears out and improves.

But then again, when would that be?

There seems to be no white knight in place to save everyone, and to be honest, I think it’s about time that people start becoming accountable for their previous erroneous decisions. Sure, life will be tougher for everyone, but then again, shouldn’t you pay if you make the wrong decision?

Be responsible lah.

So in the midst of my MBA graduating batch who is being unleashed in a world of limited jobs, all I can say is FCUK.

Then again, good times always come and go. Hopefully, with an MBA, we can be better prepared to weather the storm. Like we said, make lemonades out of lemons. And when the door shuts, a window opens.

I myself am a bit reflective these days, but as they say, cautiously optimistic.

There are still people who are hiring, take note. I am still being called by headhunters. It’s just that there’s not a lot more to go around as before.

But re-calibrate. Re-adjust. Make the most out of it.

There’s no point of starving because you don’t want to settlle. Often times, we are only as good as our options. So take the world as it is and if you are really worth it, doors will open to you when you least expect it.

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