Relationships are all about sacrifice

Today, Trader met my parents for the second time.

The last time left a bad taste in both sides’ mouth. Trader was darn scared of my dad and felt that my father was a tad unappreciative and selfish (which btw, I am in full agreement of), and my dad felt that Trader was cheap (which I was in half agreement of).

This time, Trader went all out and treated the parents to a nice dinner at CUT, one of the celebrity restaurants at the Marina Bay Sands.

We ordered the delicious 990 grams Porterhouse Steak (SGD160) and the Ribeye (SGD100). We also had the foie gras with date puree which was yummy.

What was extraordinary is how Trader doesn’t really like my dad that much at this point (and who can blame him, my dad can be very difficult at times) and yet, he spent quite a pretty penny on my family, walked around with us around the Marina Bay mall even though it’s past his bedtime, and tried to play his part trying to impress my parents.

Not only that, he also bought my dad walking shoes and bought him some cookies. 🙂

I guess that’s what love really is.

It’s not being there for the other when things are going well.

Instead, it’s by truly being there even if you don’t really like to. Because you love her. And if it meant trying to be pleasant, then so be it.

I know my dad is giving Trader a hard time but really hope he doesn’t scare him away.

Then again, if a man really loves you, he will be stubborn enough not to let someone as gruff as your dad scare him away.

I love you Trader.

Thank you once again.

Mwah mwah!


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