Before us (BU) and After us (AU)

Trader is in Bali with his friends, many of whom would be new.

I am honestly unsure on how to handle it. Trader has never really been on a vacation with his friends — many of whom are new — without me since we were together. Usually, I’m there or he’s with his decades-old friends.

There is one rule that I abide on, agree or not.

For boyfriends or husbands, there are women who are before us (BU) and there are those who are after us (AU).

Girls that my boyfriend knew before us are more than OKAY. If anything could’ve happened, they would have happened already.

Girls that my boyfriend meets AU are not okay. I honestly just don’t feel that comfortable about it (and before you tear me down, let’s be honest here. I don’t think am that alone with this sentiment).

There is really a sense of excitement whenever you meet somebody new. You find them attractive and your heart flutters a bit. Your girlfriend is kinda a bitch so you kinda think of making an upgrade.

Knowing Trader, he will find other new women attractive, may even flirt with them but will highly likely NOT do anything with them.

But ooooh, I hate having my boyfriend flirting with other women. I know it’s all innocent, but am still stewing inside.

Then again, it is a double standard. 🙁

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am officially a man.

It’s okay if I flirt and giggle with men AU, but NOT okay if Trader does it.

Unfair, I know. But hey, can you really blame me for being a tad selfish?

Hahaha, but seriously, I wonder if Trader is serious about us knowing that he’s going to Bali this week, and Guilin with the same group of friends the weekend after next. WTF right?

Last time he had this many vacations, he actually spent it with me in Hong Kong, or we took a trip together.

Oh well, it’s all downhill from here.

Have a great weekend everyone! Que sera sera!

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