Mom’s reply to my letter – she wants me to have FOUR lovely kids!

Dear Bonita,

Mom is happy for you because if Trader thinks that way, he is a responsible man.

Trader wants 2 to 3 children. For us, we wanted you to have four kids with 2-years interval. Like now, we are regretting why only have you and your little brother.

Actually for you to be able to take master for one year is already a blessing for you to experience life in school again for one year. Your being a leader in school activities is always your ACE as always you wanted to do. Your masteral studies is just a tool to sharpen your alertness and knowledge on finance. It is a way to better prepare you to be an asset to Trader when he has his own business.

Master is just like a stone that sharpen the knife. By itself, a masteral degree has nothing to be brag about. It is the knife that must be seen if can be sharpened or not. If it can be sharpened, then you can put in good use in future. You will be graduating January 2012. then while WAITING for Trader to transfer to Manila, to prepare the wedding, and to prepare to settledown. To think and start a business of his own will TAKE HIM ONE TO TWO YEARS.

So my dear Bonita, you dont have to argue now that you will not be able to practice what you learn in master. No, you got enough time to practice and at least give Trader and his family YOUR WORTH. BY THE TIME HE NEEDS YOU to help him out in his endeavour, you are ready to settledown already and really help him out in what ever business he might have in mind.

Red alert = Don’t always be too proud that you have an MBA degree and he doesn’t. It might make him feel so small as of now, dont discuss about what your Master education will bring you in terms of social position, career or circle of friends. Instead, just pray to God and let it be. God will guide your way if he chooses Trader for you for life partner.

Also, Bonita, money is not everything. Money is not what you needed. If you find Trader’s family as your kind and Trader’s partnership is what you are looking in life, then don’t argue that working in HK would bring you more wealth. What if you got all the money that you can get but lost your Trader ans and a perfect life for you back home? Is it worth it?

Money you can earn, but there is only one Trader that you can find. Not unless, he is NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU and you are thinking for finding someone better than him for your life partner.

It is only you Bonita who can tell.

If Trader for you, you won’t hesitate to give up your life in HK and start a new life together with him, Actually it is not giving up your life, but just a MODIFICATION. Instead of you working hard alone, it would be A PARTNERSHIP where both of you put in whatever is good in each of you. As Uncle had said before, there is a great opportunity in the Philippines. Like what dad always said, his classmates who went abroad now regret so much and said that they should have stay here in the Philippines to build their empire.

As long as two of you can share thoughts withhout any hindrances, two of you can share secrets without afraid of being laughed at, two of you can work hard hand in hand, then the world is at your fingertips. In short, if you love him and he is your choice for life partner, go for it. Plan together with your (sino pa ba) expertise and build your own LOVE NEST with four lovely kids.


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5 thoughts on “Mom’s reply to my letter – she wants me to have FOUR lovely kids!

  1. And there goes the saying… mother knows best. But again, it’s for you to decide. God bless you always and good luck. 🙂

  2. I read and follow u on twitter. I really enjoy reading your posts. You are honest, open and truthful about your feeling and views. From what I’ve read you are an independent, intelligent and modern woman. An example to women in the world. If I ever marry a woman again and have daughters I would want them to be like you. I have many regrets in my life because I’ve sacrificed my dreams for someone. I am now single. Don’t do what I did. Make sure whatever you choose it is what you want and not what someone says you should do.

  3. Thanks a lot Les! Really amazing to hear from readers like you. I would want to have my daughter to be more like me too. But my boyfriend disagrees. Better to be docile and quiet, he says. Aiya…

    Thanks though for the encouragement! You just made my day!

  4. You’re very welcome! Remember, always be true to yourself and be who you are. Don’t let anyone change you! It will hurt the relationship in the long run. I’m talking from experience. Keep up the postings! I do really enjoy them!

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